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The company is supporting this women’s sport, with which it shares values such as teamwork, solidarity and respect

Iberdrola and the Royal Spanish Rugby Federation present the Queen’s Cup

  • Thanks to the company, a national competition has been created for elite women’s teams along the lines of Olympic Rugby Sevens
  • Twelve teams from around Spain will play in its first edition, which will have three tournaments: Madrid, Valencia and Valladolid

Iberdrola and the Spanish Rugby Federation today presented the Rugby Sevens Queen’s Cup at the Colegio Mayor Ximénez de Cisneros, in Madrid, the first headquarters of the championship.

The Iberdrola collaborator in ‘Women’s Universe’, Noelia Florín de Oro; the director of women’s rugby for the Spanish Rugby Federation, Mariola Arraiza; the national women’s selector, José Antonio Barrio, and the Olympic players Marina Bravo and Amaia Erbina emphasised the company’s support for this competition.

This season the Queen’s Cup Sevens Grand Prix Series has been created, with the support of Iberdrola, in order to encourage the development of the Olympic version of women's rugby. In this new Sevens competition, twelve teams from around the Peninsula will meet in three tournaments to become the queens of Spanish sevens rugby.

“This new competition was created in response to the analysis we made after the Rio 2016 Olympic Games”, explained José Antonio Barrio. “In order to go to the Tokyo 2020 Games in the best condition possible, we saw two areas in which we could improve: structured development through training and creating a competition that would encourage the future National Olympic Team,” said the selector.

Mariola Arraiza added that “without the support of Iberdrola, creating a competition of this size would be impossible and we wish to thank them for their support for our rugby”. The director stated that “their support ensures the viability and success of the Leonas in the 2020 Olympics”.


About the Rugby Sevens Queen’s Cup
The competition will use a similar dynamic to the World Rugby Series and have the same rating system. The three weekends will be:
  • Madrid Sevens Series: 10 and 11 June. Madrid, Central Campus, Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Valencia Sevens Series: 17 and 18 June. Valencia, Quatre Carreres Sports Centre.
  • Valladolid Sevens Series: 1 and 2 July. Valladolid, Campos Pepe Rojo recreation ground.
The following teams will be taking part in this event: Rugby Albéitar, Autoconsa El Salvador, Jabatos, Tecnidex Valencia, XV Sanse Scrum, CRAT- Universidade da Coruña, XV Hortaleza, Ingenieros Industriales Las Rozas Rugby, Majadahonda, Olímpico Escrapalia, Complutense Cisneros and Universidad de Sevilla.
The women's team that will receive the Spanish crown for Olympic rugby will be announced at the last series. In addition, the Qualifying Tournament for the GPS Sevens Queen's Cup for 2018 will be held, and all interested teams can sign up for this championship.