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As part of the ‘Universo Mujer’ initiative, of which the company is the main supporter

Iberdrola and Royal Spanish Hockey Federation sign agreement to support women’s sport

  • It is the first company to make a global commitment to promoting the participation of women in every area of sport
  • The inclusion of the Royal Spanish Hockey Federation brings the total number of federations benefiting from Iberdrola’s support for women’s sport up to ten

Iberdrola and the Royal Spanish Hockey Federation presented an agreement to promote women’s sport at the headquarters of the Higher Council for Sport (CSD) in Madrid today. This means the company is now the main support of women’s field hockey in our country.

During the event, the head of sponsorship at Iberdrola, Carmen Cabrera, the President of the Higher Council for Sport, José Ramón Lete, and the President of the Royal Spanish Hockey Federation (RFEH), Santiago Deó, signed an agreement according to which Iberdrola will support women’s field hockey. The focus will be on building up and promoting the national team in the games in the run-up to the 2018 World Cup, as well as backing sport at grassroots level.

Iberdrola has demonstrated its commitment to equal opportunities, promoting a healthy work-life balance and fostering women’s careers by supporting women’s sport.

The presentation of this agreement was also attended by nine players from the Spanish national team that won the World League Round 2 tournament held in Valencia on 12 February last.  Four of them also represented Spain in the recent Rio Olympics, where they were awarded Olympic Diplomas.


Iberdrola, main supporter of the ‘Universo Mujer’ scheme

This agreement signed for women’s field hockey in Spain follows the agreement that made the company the main backer behind the ´Universo Mujer’ programme run by the Higher Council for Sport (CSD) since July of last year. It is the first company to make a global commitment to fostering women’s participation in all areas of sport.

Under the terms of the agreement with the CSD, the company is supporting various sports federations, including gymnastics, swimming, football, triathlon, badminton, canoeing, rugby, handball, volleyball and, from today onwards, hockey. Additional federations may be added in future. These sports were selected on account of the extraordinary level of success achieved, the high participation rate, the existence of schemes to promote the sport at grassroots level and other social projects.

From March onwards, the CSD and IBERDROLA will also be organising the ‘Women, Health and Sport’ tour around various provincial capitals to promote women’s sport. To this end, an open space will be set up in each city over the course of a weekend, where women will be able to take part in sporting and leisure activities.

To be more specific, the next stops on the ‘Women, Health and Sport’ tour will be in Palma de Mallorca (11 and 12 March) and in Bilbao (weekend of 25 March), coinciding with Shareholders’ Week, which will culminate on 31 March with Iberdrola’s General Shareholders’ Meeting.