Ignacio Galán: “Things that are done properly, with great care and determination come out well in the end. And society recognises this effort”

The Chairman of Iberdrola participated in the "Values that build dreams" campaign, an initiative presented by José Luis Bonet, President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and of the Leading Spanish Brands Forum, and Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, High Commissioner for Marca España, with the purpose of raising the awareness about the importance of transmitting solid values to young people, which include effort, curiosity, the desire to improve or humbleness, as required to achieve their personal and professional goals.

The event was held at the EspañaDuero Theatre, in which more than 300 students of six primary and secondary level schools of the city and their teachers participated. In addition, Vicente del Bosque, former coach of the Spanish national football team; José Gómez, entrepreneur and Managing Director of Cárnicas Joselito; Ricardo Rivero, Dean of the University of Salamanca, and Benjamín Crespo, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Salamanca, also participated in the event.

During his speech, Ignacio Galán encouraged young students to "learn how to become entrepreneurs, to create more wealth and share it with others".