Ignacio Galán, named ‘Universal Spaniard’ by Fundación Independiente


Ignacio Galán, named ‘Universal Spaniard’ by Fundación Independiente

  • The Foundation wished to "acknowledge and pay tribute to the extraordinary track record" of the Chairman of Iberdrola who has led cutting-edge companies in which he has embodied "his vision of the future and ability to anticipate society's new needs"
  • This recognition represents "a new stimulus to go on helping to crystallise Spain's great potential, and making our country a better one in a better world", Galán asserted in his speech

Ignacio Galán has been awarded the distinction of "Universal Spaniard" by Fundación Independiente, by means of which they wished to "acknowledge and pay tribute to the extraordinary track record" of the Chairman of Iberdrola who has led cutting-edge companies in industrial and technological fields, in which he has embodied "his vision of the future and ability to anticipate society's new needs".

The presentation took place during an event held last night at the Royal Tapestry Factory in Madrid following input from the president of the Fundación Independiente, Aldo Olcese, and the citation for Galán delivered by the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Patricia Espinosa.

The president of Fundación Independiente highlighted, in the company of the Minister for Employment, Magdalena Valerio and around 300 guests, that "Ignacio Galán's management has been marked by the creation of value for society, fundamentally through the creation of jobs and the boosting of the industrial fabric".

Likewise, Olcese, who read a testimony of support for the nomination put forward by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, made it known that the Chairman of Iberdrola "has been able to appreciate the necessity and urgency of making the energy model more efficient and environmental, and has demonstrated that it is possible to combine a successful business project with sustainable development".

On this subject, he pointed out that with Ignacio Galán at the helm, Iberdrola is today "one of the world's leading energy companies, with a presence in dozens of countries and renowned for its firm and pioneering commitment to renewable energy, the fight against climate change, and innovation and corporate social responsibility.

Aldo Olcese concluded his contribution by emphasising Galán's personality as a man of "far-reaching and strategic vision, with enormous ability and determination to set and meet targets".


“A new stimulus to keep improving our country”

After expressing his thanks, the Chairman of Iberdrola stated that this award represents "a new stimulus to go on helping to crystallise Spain's great potential, and making our country a better one in a better world".

On this topic, Ignacio Galán asserted that "Spain is a great country, made by great people. During my extensive travels the length and breadth of this earth, I have witnessed the great work, dedication and courage of so many women and men who make the name of Spain synonymous with hard work, solidarity, innovation and creativity, always accompanied by a great sense of responsibility. This is why I have always felt profoundly proud of being spanish and belonging to a country so diverse in regions and territories”.

The Chairman of Iberdrola declared his conviction that "the men and women who make up the diverse and pluralistic reality that is Spain have the necessary potential to face up to the challenges of this global world", and referred to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 as the best guide, since they set out a "firm commitment to improving the quality of life for citizens; equality; conservation of the environment and youth, which Iberdrola is backing strongly".

Fundación Independiente started the "Universal Spaniards" series in 1996 to distinguish those Spaniards who, by meeting three requirements - having deep-rooted democratic convictions, being defenders of the public and having a wide international outlook - could serve as a model of excellence for society.

Some of those who have received the award thus far include: Camilo José Cela; Placido Domingo; Vicente Ferrer; Federico Mayor Zaragoza; Margarita Salas; Julio Iglesias; Miguel Induráin; José Lladró; Pedro Duque; Father Ángel García; Ricardo Díez-Hochleitner; Rafa Nadal; Dr. Valentín Fuster; Universal Homage to the Spanish Language; Iberia Airlines of Spain and Dr. Rafael Matesanz.


About Ignacio Galán and Iberdrola

Profile of I. Galán
Professional profile and background of I. Galán

Iberdrola is a global energy leader, the biggest producer of wind power and one of the five top power companies in the world in terms of stock market capitalisation. The group is present in numerous countries and supplies energy to over 100 million people mainly in Spain, the United Kingdom (Scottish Power), the USA (AVANGRID), Brazil (Neoenergia) and Mexico. With a workforce of 34,000 and assets in excess of €110 billion, it posted revenues of over €31.263 billion and a net profit of €2.804 billion in 2017.

Iberdrola is leading the transition towards a sustainable energy model through investments in renewable energy, smart grids, large-scale energy storage and digital transformation, offering the most advanced products and services to its customers. Thanks to its commitment to clean energy, Iberdrola is one of the companies with the lowest emissions and an international benchmark for its contribution to the fight against climate change and for the sustainability of the planet. Iberdrola forms part of numerous international sustainability indices, among them the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE 4Good, and is considered one of the most sustainable electricity companies in the world.


About Fundación Independiente

Fundación Independiente, at 30 years old, is the most senior institution dedicated to analysing and supporting Spanish society. Many have been the initiatives and activities undertaken throughout these three decades - analysis, debate and proposed solutions on matters that concern the general interest of the nation and the common good of Spanish society - that attest to its commitment and dedication.

With over 230 events held and 120 publications, Fundación Independiente shows outstanding leadership in the shaping of opinion on the challenges facing Spanish society.

The Foundation has been the creator and promoter of very significant institutions of civic society: CEOMA - The Spanish Confederation of Senior Citizens' Organisations - founded in 1997 with the aim of encouraging the grouping together of senior citizens' associations into a powerful lobby to defend the ideals and interests of them all; in 2006, ARHOE -The Association for the Rationalisation of Spanish Working Hours - to increase and enhance the general public's quality of life, as well as the reconciliation of personal and professional life, effective and genuine equality between men and women, and the improvement of productivity and efficiency for businesses; and, more recently, the Asociación Sociedad Civil Ahora (Civil Society Now Association), born with the intention of integrating a wide group of civil thought and action organisations and institutions in public life around a common improvement and renewal project for Spain, in loyal and committed collaboration with the public authorities and the the principal political forces of our nation and society as a whole.

Fundación Independiente also awards the "Fundación Independiente" Camilo José Cela Journalism and Humanist Leader prizes, and organises National Public Meetings and Humanism and Business Workshops.