Ignacio Galán talks about success, leadership, team spirit and the future on Bloomberg TV

  • In an interview with “Leaders with Lacqua”, the Bloomberg TV show that features the careers of the world’s principal leaders, Ignacio Galán discussed the company’s performance since he was appointed as its chairman and the major decisions taken that have transformed Iberdrola into what it is today, namely one of the top utilities anywhere in the world.
  • After reviewing the situation of the energy market and the challenges of the future - the electrification of the economy, the objectives of decarbonisation, and the mission to strengthen and perfect our distribution networks to supply every household with clean energy - Galán admits that the secret of a good leader is believing in an objective and seeing it through. “The world can be changed if you believe in something”, he went on to say. “Don’t be afraid of taking risks. You must give your all, be enthusiastic and informed within the framework of a number of values I see as being critical: effort, ability, honesty and team spirit”.
  • During the interview Galán reiterated our position of leadership in renewable energies and distribution networks, as well as our commitment to society and caring for the planet.