The company is the main sponsor of the Women's Universe programme


Ignacio Galán welcomes the women's Atlético de Madrid team, twice winner of the Iberdrola League

  • The chairman of Iberdrola underscored the company's commitment to women's sport at a meeting with the 22 players and chairman of Atlético de Madrid Enrique Cerezo, which was also attended by the vice-chairman of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Rafael del Amo
  • During the 2017/2018 season, women's football has achieved record figures in Spain, both in terms of audience and crowd sizes, as well as federated athletes

Ignacio Galán, chairman of Iberdrola, accompanied by the vice-chairman of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Rafael de Amo, welcomed the 22 players in the Atlético de Madrid Women's team and its chairman, Enrique Cerezo, at the company’s headquarters in Madrid, to mark the team's recent victory in the Iberdrola League Cup.

During the visit, Ignacio Galán ratified the company's commitment to supporting women's sport and development. Iberdrola is Spain’s leading sponsor of women's sport, supporting 15 federations with a total of 20,000 athletes in the framework of its collaboration with the Women’s Universe of Higher Sports Council.

Atlético de Madrid’s Women’s team has won the Iberdrola League for the second consecutive year, this sport’s main competition in Spain. It was also runner up in the Queen's Cup. The team members, who include numerous international players, showed the chairman of Iberdrola the Cup they were awarded as champions of the League. The trophy will be on display at the Iberdrola headquarters in Madrid.

The 2017/2018 of the Iberdrola Women's Football League has attracted a significant number of followers: there have been 65 televised matches, 32 of which were watched by an audience of more than 100,000.

There have also been meetings at seven first-division men's stadiums. The record for crowd size is also held by Atletico de Madrid, which attracted a crowd of more than 22,000 to the match held at Wanda Metropolitano with Madrid CFF, on 17 March.

Since 2011, the Royal Spanish Football Federation has issued twice the number of licences, to a current total of 42,000.


Driving women's sport

The Women's Universe programme came about with Iberdrola’s decision to develop and implement a series of initiatives to contribute to social transformation via the values of women's sport. To achieve this, the project works to strengthen the social and cultural dimension of sport to push through a change in lifestyle and activate the promotion of women's sporting competitions.

Iberdrola's investment in women's sport is part of its commitment to equal opportunities and promotion and female empowerment, a principle included in United Nations Sustainable Development Objectives that the company has included in its business strategy.