Presentation of the 2017-2018 Iberdrola Volleyball League

  • The Iberdrola Volleyball League had its official presentation this past Wednesday. The 2017-2018 season of the Women's Division of Honour league was presented at the Consejo Superior de Deportes (National Sports Council) headquarters in Madrid, in an event that showed the institutional support that exists for the top women’s volleyball competition in Spain.

The event was attended by the Council’s General Director for Sports, Jaime González, the Sponsorship Manager of Iberdrola, Carmen Cabrera, and the President of the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation, Agustín Martín Santos. The event was also attended by players from the teams participating in the 2017-2018 Iberdrola League.

“We have many things to celebrate in our sport. One of these is having been able to band together to create a competition like this Iberdrola League that we are presenting today. We are at a turning point, moving forward. Iberdrola joining the women's league was an important boost. Adding the name ‘Iberdrola’ to the League not only gives us an outstanding partner, but demonstrates that if such a company supports us, we must be doing things right" commented the President of the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation Agustín Martín Santos, who also expressed gratitude for the National Sports Council’s Universo y Mujer (Universe and Women) programme in its “support for women's sports and volleyball”.

“We are the foremost women’s sport, the one in which there are more women than men,” pointed out the head of the federation in his speech before reviewing the main data on women's volleyball in Spain. “None of the progress we are making would be possible without the effort put in by the players and clubs. I wish to express my appreciation of everyone’s work and outstanding performance, particularly the athletes; you have set an example with your perseverance and exemplify values that are sorely needed in such trying times. Our country needs your effort, your perseverance and your discipline,” declared Agustín Martín Santos.

Next Laura Naranjo, a player in Fachadas Dimurol Libby’s, spoke on behalf of the members of all the clubs in the Iberdrola League, who wished to share "how excited and thrilled they are with this season that is just starting”.

“Each player wearing her team's kit in an Iberdrola League match is an example of willpower, as well as a further example of the many sacrifices required in women's sports. This is why it is so important to be able to count on the collaboration of all the institutions and organisations helping us along our path,” declared the captain of the Tenerife club. She was especially grateful for Iberdrola's support. “Its support for volleyball and women’s sports is what we need to flourish as athletes and to make our sports dreams come true,” said the libero.

“The situation of women's sports in Spain makes us very happy. We are especially happy because we have become the main driving force behind women's sports in this country,” affirmed the sponsorship manager for Iberdrola, Carmen Cabrera.  “We are here to support women's sports because one of the pillars of our strategic plan is promoting the role that women play. The goal of this support is to make women's athletic achievements known to all,” said Cabrera.

“We must ensure that your accomplishments reach more people, and make more girls want to play volleyball and see you as their role models. Our commitment will be enduring,” added Cabrera addressing the players in the event.

The final words were spoken by the General Director of the Sports Council, Jaime González, who described the association with Iberdrola as “a perfect example of collaboration between the public and private sectors to promote Spanish sports”. “We wish to emphasise the programmes supported by the Sports Council in the various branches of sports, such as the Universo y Mujer (Universe and Women) programme, which benefits women's sports and is integral to promoting women’s participation in sports,” he added.

“Iberdrola is a perfect example of how to promote sports. Your commitment falls within a collaboration agreement, a safe bet, as it is based on values such as perseverance, effort, and teamwork,” indicated González, who stressed the Sports Council's intention to continue supporting women's sports. “Never lose hope. Hope is the true engine of change. It makes me very happy to see federations and sports like this one want to continue doing good work and making progress,” remarked the General Director of the Sports Council.     


Iberdrola, promoter of women's sports

Iberdrola has become the main driving force in the National Sports Council (CSD) Universo Mujer (Women's Universe) programme, as the first company to commit to promoting women's participation in all areas of sports. According to the agreement reached last year, and recently renewed, with the National Sports Council, the company provides its support to several sports federations, including gymnastics, swimming, football, triathlon, badminton, volleyball and hockey, and now to five new women's federations: athletics, karate, boxing, table tennis and ice sports.

These sports were selected because of the extraordinary level of success they have achieved, the high participation rate, the existence of schemes to promote the sports at the grass-roots level, and the existence of other social projects. With this initiative, Iberdrola is leading the charge for supporting women's sports and helping to promote a source of positive values for a more healthy, egalitarian and just society.