We present the Iberdrola Awards for the Supplier of the Year

The awards went to eleven companies that stand out for their commitment to innovation, competitiveness, diversity and equality, occupational risk prevention, quality, sustainability, employment generation and vocation for internationalisation

Proveedor premios

Mario Ruiz-Tagle, CEO of Iberdrola España

Without their work, commitment, dedication and daily performance, we could not continue to be a responsible, sustainable and resilient company


Mario Ruiz-Tagle, CEO of Iberdrola España, presented the Supplier of the Year Awards in Spain 2022, in an event that recognises the fundamental role that each collaborator plays in achieving the group's strategic projects and underlines the importance of creating an ecosystem of suppliers working towards the same objectives.

The award-winning companies share values such as safety, innovation, job creation and internationalisation and sustainability, collaborating with Iberdrola in its goal of a decarbonised economy through investment in renewable energy, smart grids, large-scale storage projects and innovative solutions for its customers.

In 2021 Iberdrola made purchases of more than €2.4 billion from around 4400 suppliers in Spain, 84% from local suppliers, figures that have already been similar in 2022, where in the first 10 months the volume invoiced is already close to €2 billion. 

The outlook for the next three years (2023-2025) is to reach €6 billion in three years and that in 2030 Iberdrola's activities will support more than 500,000 jobs, more than 85,000 in Spain.

Gala Proovedor

Supplier of the Year Awards Gala 2022 (Spanish version)

  • Supplier of the Year Award: Ormazabal. The 2022 Special Award went to this Basque company for its extensive experience working with Iberdrola, always responding with the highest level of quality, jointly developing solutions, and flexibility of supply. Ormazabal is more of a partner than a supplier, sharing risks with a continuous quality of communication and is an industry leader in best practices.
  • Equipment manufacturer award: Gonvarri Solar. This supplier provides great support in several key projects for Iberdrola showing flexibility, quality of service, reliable equipment and competitive price in the field of renewable energies.
  • Internationalisation Award: Deutsche Windtechnik. Aragonese supplier that accompanies Iberdrola in the strategy of global wind maintenance models outside Spain and new markets. 
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award: Beeplanet. The Navarre-based start-up installs second-life batteries (circular economy) in recharging points. They have developed a scalable product that accelerates the deployment of fast charging points. 
  • Diversity and Equality Award: INAEL. Recognised for its commitment to implementing measures that promote diversity and equal opportunities, supporting policies that may benefit groups with special difficulties when manufacturing equipment and materials for Iberdrola's electricity grids. 
  • Award for Digitalisation and new technologies: BLUETAB (IBM group). Awarded for its work in Big data, Cloud, Data Management and Data Governance. The technology firm expects to hire 300 professionals over the next three years, according to the company for the new talent HUB in Bizkaia.
  • Works and Technical Services Award: Lizelan. Award for its decisive service in the elimination of pruning anomalies in the electricity distribution sector, developing its work with high quality.
  • Non-Technical Services Award: JA Garrigues. Iberdrola's leading law firm in Spain, providing legal advisory services in different areas, aligned with the highest international standards in corporate governance.
  • Energy Transition Award: Eco Energías del Guadiana de Extremadura. Recognised for its environmental management services and co-development contracts for solar PV plants.  As a result of this collaboration, Iberdrola has built and put into operation more than 1,900 new solar MW; another 575 MW are under construction and 380 MW are at an advanced stage of processing.
  • Award for Sustainability and SDG contribution: Mil SA Trillo Galicia. After carrying out an ESG improvement plan requested by Iberdrola, it has been positioned with more than 90 points/100 in the ESG Sustainability model.
  • Award for economic recovery and job creation: IDESA (GDA-Windar). For its efficient management and maximum safety with the H2 storage tanks for Iberdrola's hydrogen plant in Puertollano, Ciudad Real.


In addition to the awards in Spain, the Supplier of the Year awards were also held in Mexico and were given to 8 strategic allies, in addition to 8 other finalists.

Entrega de premios en México

Award ceremony in Mexico

  • Supplier of the Year: Winner SAPCO and runner-up Mitsubishi Power de México
  • Digitalisation and innovation: Winner Siemens and runner-up Critical Arc
  • Occupational Health and Safety: Winner Mitsui & Co Infrastructure Solutions and runner-up COPSA Desarrollos
  • Sustainability: Winner Greening Renovables and finalist Concentrate Project
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Winner Iluméxico and finalist Educación para Compartir
  • Ethics and Compliance: Winner Remo Range Security and runner-up SIGMA Construction and Integral Services
  • Equality: Winner Aequale and runner-up BLK Logistics
  • Energy Transition: Winner Solarever Technology of America and finalist Eco Ibérica


Iberdrola has been recognising the efforts of its suppliers for decades, both in global and in local awards in the five main countries where it operates (Spain, United States, United Kingdom, Brazil and Mexico). The goal of Iberdrola's supplier awards is to promote and recognise the excellence, sustainable development, quality, internationalisation, innovation, corporate social responsibility, job creation and occupational risk prevention.

Our businesses in the different countries, as well as the corporate units (Environment, Quality, Innovation, Prevention, Sustainability, etc.). and the Purchasing unit itself select those suppliers who have been particularly outstanding in the performance of their contracts every year.


Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain, accompanied by the minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, and the chairman of Iberdrola group, Ignacio Galán, presented the 2021 Supplier of the Year Awards. The awards recognised the key role of the value chain in the achievement of Iberdrola's strategic projects and the relevance of creating an ecosystem of suppliers working towards the same objectives. 

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