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Call Notice for Master’s Degree Funding in Brazil Neoenergia Master’s Degree Scholarship

Training Neoenergia

In the International Master's Scholarship Programme we are looking to develop a new generation of people with enthusiasm for learning, desire to innovate, and aspiration to transform the energy industry.

Next call for aplications for Scholarships 2024-2026

The Iberdrola Master Scholarships for Brazil have a duration of two years and the next call for scholarships for Brazil will be in 2024.

Call Notice for Master’s Degree Funding in Brazil Neoenergia Master’s Degree Scholarship


If you believe that we can build a better future with a green and sustainable economy, Neoenergia is the place for you! We are an integrated energy company, which has been building its profile in Brazil for almost 25 years. Since 1997, when we began our activities, we have continued to make strong progress in energy generation, transmission, distribution and marketing, under the premise of being a long-term investor in the country. We are currently one of the biggest actors in the Brazilian energy sector, with diversified operations and with energy assets in 18 States and the Federal District. As an organization focused on sustainable growth, Neoenergia has been consolidating investments in research and development, innovation and initiatives that promote the expansion of its business in an ethical manner, operating in line with the premises of environmental protection and social development, and ensuring that the communities where it operates benefit from the Company’s presence. Energy and sustainable growth are just some of the values we follow and promote. 

In addition to offering a healthy work environment conducive to the development of its employees, we champion Diversity and Inclusion. We invest in affirmative actions for minority groups, promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment, respecting diversity, empowerment and combating prejudice in order to achieve business success. We are also committed to continuous learning as a platform for people's development, offering experiences that enrich the trajectory of employees.  

In order to achieve all this, we need people who seek continuous learning and admire our business.  We maintain constant and close relationships with the academic environment, contribute to excellence in developing talent and enhance quality education. Want to join us? Then welcome to our Master’s Scholarship Programme, which offers sponsorship for successful students in Master's programmes in Brazil. 

General information

2.1 The programme will be coordinated by the Human Resources Department in partnership with various business areas to which student projects are linked.

2.2 10 (ten) sponsorship awards will be awarded for Master’s degrees, with a duration of up to 2 (two) years, with the start of their tenure expected for the 2023 academic year. 

2.3 Students must undertake their study in Brazil and in the areas of knowledge listed below:

2.3.1 Electrical engineering:
•    Energy storage;
•    Smart Distribution Networks;

2.3.2 Renewable energies:
•    Sustainable Energy System;
•    Clean coal technologies and emissions management;
•    Energy Efficiency;

2.3.3 Technology:
•    Computer science;
•    Computer Science and Computational Mathematics;
•    Mathematics, Statistics and Computing Applied to Industry;
•    Computational modelling;
•    Information and Communication Technology; and
•    Data processing (Big Data) and Information Security (Cybersecurity).

2.4 The selection of candidates will be carried out by a Selection Committee, comprising Neoenergia representatives. This committee will be solely responsible for evaluating candidates and making decisions about those approved at each stage of the selection process.

2.5 Neoenergia programme management will evaluate and define whether other areas of knowledge that are related but not described in item 2.3 can be accepted.

2.6 Study sponsorships are intended for students approved for master's programs carried out by top universities and specialists in the subjects studied:

- University of São Paulo - USP
- State University of Campinas – UNICAMP
- São Paulo State University – UNESP
- Federal University of São Carlos - UFSCar
- Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ
- Rio de Janeiro State University – UERJ
- Federal Fluminense University - UFF
- National Scientific Computing Laboratory
- Federal University of Pernambuco – UFPE
- Federal University of Bahia – UFBA
- State University of Bahia – UNEB
- Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte – UFRN
- State University of Rio Grande do Norte – UERN
- University of Pernambuco – UPE
- Federal University of Pernambuco – UFPE
- University of Brasília – UNB

2.7 Registration in and approval for university master's programmes are the sole responsibility of the candidate.  

Candidates must:

3.1 Be a Brazilian national or reside in Brazil;

3.2 Hold a university degree in higher education (graduation), with an average grade equal to or greater than 7.0  and the Higher University Title/Diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education when registering for the Neoenergia Master’s Scholarship Programme.  

3.3 Have the qualification required for admission to master's programmes at the universities listed in item 2.5, when registering for the Neoenergia Master’s Scholarship Programme.

3.4 The candidate must not receive economic remuneration or a salary, or be the beneficiary of any other scholarship, sponsorship, financial aid or any other help/assistance of a similar nature from public or private institutions and/or foundations during the period in which they receive sponsorship from Neoenergia. If the sponsorship holder obtains a paid internship, NEOENERGIA (i) will proportionally reduce the value of the sponsorship according to the amount earned in the internship or (ii) payment will cease if the value of the internship is equal to or greater than the sponsorship.

3.5 The candidate will not be able to provide services or hold employment, undertake an internship or carry out any other training of any nature in other public or private entities during the period of term of the sponsorship. Similarly, the student will notify Neoenergia about their participation in selection processes in other public or private entities for the purposes of participating in the Master’s Sponsorship Programme. If the candidate provide services or holds a work permit, NEOENERGIA (i) will proportionally reduce the value of the sponsorship according to the amount received or (ii) payment will cease if the amount of the internship is equal to or greater than the sponsorship.

3.6 The candidate must not have or have had a working relationship with Neoenergia or Iberdrola Group companies, or have benefited from scholarships or sponsorship from the Iberdrola Foundation or Neoenergia in other editions of the programme.

Selection process - Registration

4.1.1 Applications may be submitted as of the publication of this document and until 30 November 2022.

4.1.2 To apply for the programme, the candidate must, at the time of application, submit the completed electronic form and attach the documents specified below, which must be identified with the document number, followed by the candidate's full name, in the original formats and not translated. Example: the candidate José Aparecido da Silva must send an electronic copy of his identity card or passport with the file named as follows: Document 1_José_Aparecido da Silva. And so on. Only applications submitted within the period specified in item 4.1.1 will be accepted.

4.1.3 The documents to be attached at the time of registration are:

•    Document 1.  Certified photocopy of identity card or passport.
•    Document 2.  Curriculum vitae, with a recent photograph of the applicant.
•    Document 3.  Higher University Degree/Diploma (graduation).
•    Document 4.  Full academic transcript displaying the average grades of the subjects taken during graduation. The transcript must cover all years of degree education, as well as credits gained. In cases where the candidate has completed more than one degree, all certifications must be submitted.
•    Document 5.  Graduate school transcript (in PDF format). Only for candidates who have already completed postgraduate studies. If the candidate has taken more than one postgraduate degree, all transcripts must be attached.
•    Document 6.  Statement of completion of courses as a special student. Only for candidates who have taken individual subjects in postgraduate courses.
•    Document 7.  Certificate/Diploma confirming level of English. Issued within the previous two years. If the candidate has qualifications in other foreign languages, these must be attached. Only for candidates who already have the English certificate.
•    Document 8.  Proof of registration in the selection process for the master's degree at a university. According to the guidelines on the educational institution contained in item 2.5.

4.1.4 Foreign candidates residing in Brazil may only apply to the Neoenergia Master’s Scholarship Programme if they submit a valid identity document and a temporary or permanent visa that authorizes them to study in Brazil for at least 02 years. These must be attached to the registration, as instructed in item 4.1.2.

4.1.5 Neoenergia may request the submission of the original or recognized and authenticated documents and any other document it deems necessary, for the approval of applications or during the selection process.

4.1.6 To attach documents to the application form, the maximum size allowed per document is 5MB.

4.1.7 The candidate will receive an automatic registration confirmation email. If this is not received, it is the candidate's responsibility to contact us for confirmation by email via the following email address:

4.1.8 The candidate may, at any time, and until the publication of the final result, request the cancellation of their registration in this process. When requesting such a cancellation, the candidate is informed that they will be excluded from the process and may no longer participate in new phases and/or respond to further calls.

4.1.9 To request cancellation, the candidate must send an email to , stating their full name and the following subject: “Application to cancel registration – Scholarships 2023”.


4.2.1 At this stage, the documents sent will be analysed according mainly to the following objective and impersonal selection criteria:  academic performance, curriculum vitae and the Neoenergia’s interest in the Master’s programme. In addition, there may be an intermediate stage with tests that complement the selective assessment, as well as the analysis of other data provided by the candidate.

4.2.2 The main items evaluated in the CV are: 

•    Level of proficiency in English;
•    Evaluation of the graduation history;
•    Participation in Scientific Research;
•    Obtaining medals in academic competitions or awards;
•    Publication of scientific articles;
•    Awards and Distinctions (awards for articles and scientific research works, among others);
•    Exchanges;
•    Work or activity demonstrably focused on monitoring, academic mentoring, etc.

4.2.3 The Selection Committee will analyse the documents attached at the time of registration, and it is not possible to include or change information/documents after registration.  

4.2.4 The 1st call list will comprise the best ranked candidates.  If necessary, the process will continue with a second list of candidates, in order of rank.

4.2.5 The announcement of the pre-selection result is expected to take place on 09/12/2022, and the pre-selected and non-selected candidates for the next stage will be notified by email. 

4.3 Selection stages

4.3.1 The pre-selected candidates will be invited to participate in the selection stages (in person or via the internet), in order to complement the analysis carried out in the previous stage. 

Nomination of candidates

4.4.1 The ranking order of successful candidates is final and unalterable and will be announced after the interviews. Neoenergia will not provide information on rejected applications. 

4.4.2 All finalist candidates will be notified of the outcome of the selection process. If scholarship holders do not receive this, they should contact us by email at for confirmation.

4.4.3 The successful candidate must express interest in the vacancy within three days after being notified that their sponsorship has been approved. The expression of interest consists of sending an e-mail confirming their interest in participating in the Neoenergia Master’s Scholarship Programme, with proof of acceptance on the master's degree issued by the University attached. This is a condition for the scholarship holder’s expression of interest to be recognized.

4.4.4 The final nomination of candidates is dependent on all the requirements mentioned in this Call Notice being met, as well as the signed document confirming acceptance on the master's course being sent to

4.4.5 Neoenergia has no authority, nor will it interfere in the selection process and matriculation of students in the chosen educational institutions. 

4.4.6 The vacancy will only be confirmed if the requirements indicated in item 3 are met, the documents stipulated in item 4.1.3 and confirmation of matriculation in the Master's degree as detailed in item 4.4.4 being attached.

4.4.7 In the event of a failure to submit proof of matriculation in the master's course, the candidate will not be able to participate in the Neoenergia Master’s Scholarship Programme.

4.4.8 If the approved person proves that it is impossible to deliver the proof of matriculation in the master's degree due to the timetable of the educational institution, Neoenergia must be informed and may or may not extend the deadline for receiving the document.

4.4.9 The call for the waiting list, if any, will take place until the vacancies are filled, respecting the deadline for expression of interest by the candidate on the first list (item 4.4.3). There is no deadline for disclosing the waiting list, since the deadline for confirming interest may be extended, without prior notice, if referred to in item 4.4.8. 

4.4.10 For confirmation of interest on the waiting list, the same rules apply as for the first confirmation list.

4.4.11 If the candidate selected according to any of the lists does not confirm their interest in the vacancy within the agreed period, they will be considered as having withdrawn and will lose their right to the scholarship.

4.4.12 If a candidate on the waiting list receives confirmation of their acceptance on a master's degree at a university, they can send the proof and approval by email to in order to attach the document to their sponsorship process.

Financial Remuneration

5.1 Neoenergia will grant sponsorship of the gross monthly amount of R$5,100.00 (five thousand and one hundred reais), to a current account held by the student, in a banking institution in Brazil, according to the current academic timetable.

5.2 Sponsorship will start to be paid monthly at the beginning of the sponsored master's classes and will continue for subsequent months, until 2 years of the Programme have been completed or when the sponsored master's degree is completed upon defending the dissertation, within the period of 24 instalments;

5.3 The sponsored party undertakes to comply with all tax obligations applicable to them as a beneficiary of the sponsorship.

Programme management

The sponsorship holder shall agree to: 

6.1 Verify, with original or authenticated and legalized documents, the information contained in the photocopies or electronic files during the selection process, or any other information contained in their curriculum vitae, if requested by Neoenergia.

6.2 Participate in programme events organized by Neoenergia, previously scheduled on a date and time to be discussed. 

6.3 Undertake the studies stipulated in accordance with the request submitted, and start the studies detailed in the call during the first semester of the 2023 academic year at the university stated and listed in the statement of interest in participating in the Neoenergia Master’s Scholarship Programme. 

6.4 During the course, whenever requested, submit to Neoenergia information on the follow-up of activities, as a way of monitoring and adequate progress of the master's programme. 

6.5 Participate in monitoring meetings previously scheduled by Neoenergia and, at the end of the programme, provide the programme evaluation information and any other documents or information that will be requested by Neoenergia.  

6.6 If sponsorship is granted for programmes that include a mandatory internship module, the scholarship holder must complete this internship in one of the Neoenergia Group or Iberdrola Group companies, as agreed and designated by Neoenergia, without any additional value to the sponsorship offered. If the studies for which sponsorship is granted include a mandatory paid internship to be carried out in a different entity outside the Neoenergia Group or Iberdrola Group, the sponsorship holder must notify Neoenergia of this as soon as possible. In this event, the amount received as payment for the aforementioned internship may be deducted from the financial allocation of the sponsorship.

6.7 Publicise their status as a Neoenergia Master’s Scholarship Programme sponsorship holder for the duration of the programme, as well as mention their status as a Programme sponsorship holder, if they publish study materials or articles.

6.8 Keep Neoenergia informed of their situation during the tenure of the scholarship.

6.9 If for any reason of force majeure, it is not possible for the scholarship holder to complete their Master's degree in 2 years, they must inform Neoenergia in advance in order that it may analyze what measures will be adopted.

6.10 In the event of non-compliance with the above commitments, or any other included in the Programme conditions, Neoenergia reserves the right to proceed as it deems convenient and even request the refund of amounts received by the student.

6.11 The student must request prior formal approval for the study or publication in which the Student uses information from Neoenergia Group.

Other conditions

7.1 When applying to participate in the Neoenergia Master’s Scholarship Programme, the candidate automatically accepts the respective access conditions and the company's privacy policy, and declares that it fully accepts the conditions stipulated in Neoenergia Group's code of ethics available on the website

7.2 Neoenergia or another company in its economic group will appoint a mentor who will monitor the sponsorship holder's performance with regard to academic, training and professional development aspects. This mentor will be responsible for conducting the follow-up meetings stipulated in item 6.5., which the student fully commits to participate.

7.3 The sponsorship holder must maintain the confidentiality of all information that it receives from Neoenergia for the entire duration of the programme, as well as after its completion. 

Personal data

Information on personal data processing and policy is available here