We launch 2023 Shareholder's Month

  • The company inaugurates a virtual space with four thematic rooms: environment, governance, social and financial
  • The company also offers a virtual experience, where you can create a personalised avatar, interact and follow the Board

In its commitment to a more innovative and sustainable Board, Iberdrola inaugurates the Shareholder Month. It is an interactive space with four thematic rooms related to the environment, governance, social and financial aspects. Available through the corporate website, it includes, among other things, interviews, reports, and information pills.

Once again, the company is a benchmark in facilitating the monitoring and participation of shareholders not only in person, but also through the main digital channels and the most convenient and useful mobile applications for shareholders.  Therefore, from this area it is possible to access the Shareholders' Meeting Participation Portal, as well as to follow the event live on 28 April. All the information on the AGM is also available and the Shareholders' Office can be accessed. 

This space is completed with detailed information on Iberdrola's art collection. Through its works, the company aims to contribute to the promotion, conservation and dissemination of heritage and the artistic ecosystem in those countries where it is present. 

A new virtual experience

The utility is once again at the forefront of innovation and during Shareholder Month launches a new interactive space ( where users can create their own personalised avatar, express themselves with emoticons and participate in gamification initiatives.

Thanks to the implementation of this technology, the shareholder is immersed in an environment that eliminates the barriers between the real and the virtual. The user will be able to walk through Iberdrola's virtual world and, through 360 videos, learn about the company's most innovative projects and the current situation of the energy transition. 

Shareholders may also certify their participation via blockchain. Any shareholder who participates through the Iberdrola portal ( can verify that their vote, proxy, or attendance is correctly recorded in the blockchain network, in a secure and unalterable manner, and is encrypted, guaranteeing the confidentiality, traceability, and immutability of the recorded data. Shareholders may make the consultation from the moment their participation is registered, up to one month after the General Meeting is held.

Blockchain will also certify the proxies and votes of shareholders attending the meeting. With the totems installed at these locations, which have already been used at previous Iberdrola meetings, shareholders will simply need to scan their ID to be accredited and participate via the web.

These initiatives are part of a long history of innovation and shareholder involvement:

  • Since 2012, Iberdrola has kept open the interactive channel OLA - On Line Shareholders, which functions as a "permanent board" where shareholders' queries are answered 365 days a year.
  • In 2015, Iberdrola was a pioneer in holding a Shareholder Day, the purpose of which was to frame the General Shareholders' Meeting and other activities whereby shareholders could learn first-hand about the Iberdrola Group's projects in a two-way and direct dialogue with its officers. 
  • Along the same lines, Iberdrola evolved the traditional Shareholder Day into Shareholder Week, which was introduced in 2022 in a virtual format. The duration and contents of this virtual experience are now being extended through Shareholder Month. 
Open channels for participation in the Board

The company has deployed a wide range of participation channels: Shareholders who receive the proxy and remote voting card from the company will be able to open a personalised QR code to enter and vote in a quick and easy way. In the event that they use the cards sent by the depositary entities, they may access this same link with their electronic signature or simply with their share number or their OLA Shareholder Club password. At the same time, the e-mail address has been set up for shareholders who prefer to send their signed cards via this channel.   

Another option is to exercise the right to vote by telephone, by calling the toll-free number 900 100 019, or to use the traditional postal service, by sending the signed card to PO Box 1.113, 48080 Bilbao.

Iberdrola is the first Spanish company to allow its shareholders to exercise their voting rights via instant messaging systems. To vote through this channel, holders of shares will simply have to send an image of their signed proxy and remote voting card by WhatsApp (to the number +34 639 000 639) or by Telegram (to the Junta Iberdrola account). 

In addition, it is also making available to its shareholders its on-site service points in Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia, Valladolid and Zaragoza. In all of them, it will be possible to delegate, vote and collect a gift for participating from 19 April until 27 April.

All shareholders wishing to exercise their proxy or remote voting rights must do so through one of the aforementioned channels before 24:00 on 27 April, the day before the General Meeting on first call. 

Shareholders and proxy holders who wish to attend the Meeting electronically must register between 08:00 and 10:15 a.m. on 28 April (the scheduled date of the Meeting). In order to speed up their registration on the day of the Meeting, they may register in advance through the Participation Portal on the website during the five days prior to the Meeting, i.e., from 23 April. Those who prefer to attend in person must reserve a seat through the Shareholders' Office or the website before 10:15 a.m. on the day of the General Meeting.