Fourth edition now open

Iberdrola Supera Awards: €300,000 for the best equality projects in sport

  • The awards will distribute €300,000 among the selected projects to further promote gender equality through sport
  • They will recognise projects related to grassroots sport, incorporation into competition, social integration, inclusion, visibility and innovation

Iberdrola has opened the submission period for the projects that will compete in what is already the fourth edition of the Iberdrola Supera Awards, solidarity awards designed to promote gender equality by awarding €300,000 to the best projects in favour of women's excellence through sport.

This year, in addition to the five fixed categories of each edition, the Iberdrola Supera Innovation Award will be added, an award for the project that best defends among its objectives the promotion of research, development and innovation in the field of sport.

With this one, there will be a total of six categories that will frame the projects that will compete for €50,000, thus reaching €300,000 in prizes. They are those related to the promotion of grassroots sport among girls up to 16 years of age (Supera Base); with the support for the incorporation of women in competition (Supera Competition); with the inclusion of women with special abilities in sport (Supera Inclusion); with the integration of women in society through sport (Supera Social); and with the increase in the visibility of women's sport (Supera Dissemination), in addition to the aforementioned Supera Innovation.

Applications may be submitted until 4 June and, from among them, a Jury of Honour made up of renowned personalities from the world of sport will select the winning projects. 

The 2022 edition received more than 600 applications from associations, sports clubs and federations, schools, institutes and public or private entities. Among the projects selected were those submitted by the Getxo Skating and Roller Hockey Sports Club (Basque Country), the Pingüinos Rugby Sports Club of Burgos (Castile and León), the Delikia Sports Club (Galicia), the Algeciras Rowing Club (Andalusia), the ExtTV channel (Extremadura) and Affit Amparo Folch (Valencian Community).

The Iberdrola Supera Awards are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for 2030, specifically with Goal 5 (Gender equality and empowerment of women) and, with this, Iberdrola increases the support it provides to women athletes to help them achieve their goals and advance in equality. 

In addition, since 2016, the company has been the main promoter of women's sports in Spain. It already supports 32 National Federations, promoting more than 600,000 federated women, 2 out of every 3 federated women, and has more than 100 competitions with Iberdrola's own name, including 32 leagues.

Iberdrola Supera Awards Legal Bases (Spanish Version)