Together with other business leaders, Ignacio Galán analyses the role of women in companies

The Chairman of Iberdrola has participated in the Forbes Women’s Summit 2018, held at the Rafael del Pino Auditorium and attended by almost 400 professionals and managers of large companies, with the aim of studying in depth a new business model with a stronger presence of women as leaders. 

During the conversation with the journalist and curator of the Forbes Women’s Summit, Gloria Lomana, Ignacio Galán stressed his company’s strategic commitment to the social dividend: "We’re the only company with the commitment to having a social dividend in its statutes." He also emphasised Iberdrola’s great work in the field of women's sports: “We sponsor 16 types of women’s sports. And our support isn’t just for show. We include it in our social activity. Whether or not it would bring us returns isn’t what encouraged us to do this. Our social dividend encouraged us, our commitment to society."

Finally, he highlighted the emotional intelligence of women as an added value to the company; "When it comes to managing companies, it's very important to have emotional intelligence, to understand what the other person is saying ... and that’s where women beat us hands down."