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Access to the app is restricted to suppliers who have a current contractual purchasing relationship with companies in the Iberdrola Group.

Its content is:

  • Basic supplier data.
  • Purchase Orders/Framework Agreements: queries to know purchase order / framework agreement's status, to accept / reject them and to get originals and copies of purchase orders / framework agreements.
  • Invoices and Payments: to query the status of invoices and payment (past and future).

All the information between the Iberdrola Group companies and their suppliers is confidential in nature, and responds to the data that are registered in the Iberdrola Group's information system at the time of the query.

All technical precautions have been taken to guarantee that you are logging on to a secure site, and to ensure the confidentiality and truthfulness of all the data consulted.

The Iberdrola Group shall be not held liable for any consequences which for reasons beyond its control may derive from the improper use or manipulation by third parties of the information contained herein.

Human Rights.

User guides (e-manuals)

Coordinator/Contact Persons Management Manual [PDF]

Access to the application (SRM: Suppliers Relationship Management) is centralised through a sole username and a unique password for your company. Given that, within your organisation, there may be several people that access the application to check different information, we recommend that you create a coordinator for managing the username and the password, and also create different contact persons in the tool.
This manual will help you understand how the contact persons and the coordinator work and how they are processed within the system, and we recommend that you read it before connecting.

SRM Operating Manual

Manuals giving details of how to make a query and browse inside the tool are contained within the application.