Agile and secure applications

 Access Tenders

This section promotes the query of bid requests and the direct registration of bids in our purchasing system by the invited suppliers, without the need to send documents by mail. This has the following advantages:

  • Maximum reduction of the periods for receiving the bid request.
  • Reduction of the periods and sending costs of the bid.
  • Increase in security when receiving bids.
  • Elimination of the risk of the documents being mislaid.
  • Transparency in the process.
  • Competitive advantage in the relation with Iberdrola.
  • In addition, reduction in paper use in line with Iberdrola's commitment to respect for and care of the environment.

User guide (e-manuals)

The application for Internet tenders (SRM: Suppliers Relationship Management) is a simple way of registering bids, and at all times guarantees the security and confidentiality of the transactions.

To help you familiarise yourself as soon as possible with the app, we provide you with the following manuals that we recommend you read before you use it.

SRM: Supplier manuals

Supplier manual [PDF]

To query bid requests and register offers.

Coordinator/Contact Persons Management Manual [PDF]

Access to the application (SRM: Suppliers Relationship Management) is centralised through a sole username and a unique password for your company. Given that, within your organisation, there may be several people that access the application to check different information, we recommend that you create a coordinator for managing the username and the password, and also create different contact persons in the tool.

This manual will help you understand how the contact persons and the coordinator work and how they are processed within the system, and we recommend that you read it before connecting.

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