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Stability is one of the features of employment at Iberdrola: almost 99% of our workers have a permanent contract.

The company strongly affects the labour market in the countries it operates in: it has contributed to creating 425,000 jobs worldwide (40,721 of them direct and the rest indirect or induced), according to data from the Iberdrola Diversity Report,  prepared with data at the close of the 2022 financial year.

Iberdrola is a solid employment multiplier: for each employee that Iberdrola hires, another nine jobs are generated — jobs created by the companies and sectors that attract the investments of the Group and its suppliers — or induced — jobs created in all economic sectors as a result of the economic activity generated by the company —.

In 2022, Iberdrola continued to promote the creation of high-quality jobs, with 4,696 new hires, in addition to more than 1,970 scholarships and educational incentives. With them, the workforce has reached 40,000, a figure to which we need to add the 390,000 others to whom Iberdrola's activities around the world provide employment. The company has also continued to promote professional development and specialisation for all its human resources, with over 1.5 million hours of training given — 47 hours per employee, four times more than the European average — and 2,700 internal promotions.

Iberdrola's employees inspecting the installations of the Maranchón Wind Farm (Guadalajara, Spain).
Iberdrola's employees inspecting the installations of the Maranchón Wind Farm (Guadalajara, Spain).

Employment policies and commitments

The Iberdrola Group has a global, multicultural, committed and qualified team that helps to create sustainable value through the talent and hard work of its members.

The policies defined by human resources management include the guidelines governing labour relations in the group's different companies, which serve as a reference point for defining the company's employment objectives. These objectives are to preserve employment guarantees and stable relations with workers; bolster workplace health and safety and training; protect diversity and equal opportunities for access to employment; promote professional development; and encourage behaviour and attitudes among the workforce that are in accordance with ethical principles.

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