Iberdrola and the University of Salamanca are looking for future entrepreneurs in the energy sector

The Iberdrola group and University of Salamanca are giving the talent of future leaders of the energy sector a helping hand by way of their Start-up Olé, Emprende Salamanca and Energy Hackathon initiatives. The aim is to develop aptitudes and skills through education, research and the development and start-up of innovative projects.


Iberdrola has taken part in the third and fourth editions of the Start-up Olé initiative, thereby reaffirming our commitment to digitalisation and sustainability in one of Europe's largest technological entrepreneurship events.

The company participated in different round tables, workshops and accelerator programs for small and medium enterprises, where it presented the PERSEO Program and Young Entrepreneurs initiative. Iberdrola also installed a virtual reality wind turbine and electrical mobility space as a way of showing our commitment to clean energies and sustainable mobility.


Emprende Salamanca is a joint initiative from Iberdrola and University of Salamanca to train students and encourage them to participate in entrepreneurial activities aimed at the development of future energy production.

This program aims to promote specialized training for students and arouse their interest in entrepreneurship in initiatives that rise to the challenges presented by the utility of the future.

Emprende Salamanca day was split into eight training sessions. These were held prior to Energy Hackathon 2017 and imparted by leading figures from the energy sector to ecosystem entrepreneurs of the USAL.


Iberdrola took part in the Energy Challenge Hackathon within the framework of the Start-up Olé 2017 initiative. For 24 hours the 20 plus young people who participated in this initiative were split up into six teams to develop their innovative solutions for meeting challenges of the utility of the future.

This is just one of the ways Iberdrola is looking to boost young talent and encourage the transfer of technology between University and Company, thereby reaffirming Iberdrola's commitment with University of Salamanca within the framework of that institution's Eight Hundredth Anniversary.

The projects, focused on the electricity sector, were developed and implemented under the guidance of experts with the participants attending a workshop on business development areas.

Econtrol, an application that advises us how to best manage our energy consumption, was declared as the winner of the challenge. Furthermore, Smart Energy received a special mention from the jury for their micro-grid production prediction and optimisation project.