More than 10 years innovating with startups

The Iberdrola - PERSEO International Startup program, to which 70 million euros have been allocated, is aimed at promoting the creation and development of a global and dynamic ecosystem of emerging companies and entrepreneurs of the electricity sector.

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+50 million euros
invested in startups around the world

+2,000 emerging companies
in our ecosystem (increasing at a rate of 250 per year)

+30 pilot programs with new tech companies
in our ecosystem (increasing at a rate of 5 per year)

10 startups
in our portfolio

The program focuses on technologies and business models that can improve the sustainability of the energy model by means of achieving a higher degree of electrification and the decarbonisation of the economy.

Through this program, Iberdrola can provide startups, particularly in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, with its support as an investor, as well as its expertise, its base infrastructure, with 30 million supply points and its close to 50 GW of installed capacity. In this way, it contributes to developing and boosting an innovative corporate fabric in the energy sector.

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Since its creation in 2008, it has invested more than 50 million euros in startups of the energy sector worldwide, incorporating more than 2,000 emerging companies in its ecosystem, developing more than 30 pilot programs and 10 emerging companies have been included in its portfolio.

Some of its main goals include the early identification of key trends in the sector, guaranteeing the company's access to future energy technologies and promoting entrepreneurship and the development of an innovative business fabric.

In addition, the program offers a series of benefits, such as: becoming part of Iberdrola's ecosystem (a unique opportunity to have access to a vast amount of market know-how and key technologies), pilot programs to test technologies in a real environment, while accessing large amounts of data and, finally, an investment ranging from 500,000 to 3 million euros — first round — and the possibility of conversion with venture capital companies and funds.

Main line of actions of the program are:

  • Smart solutions for residential, commercial and industrial customers.
  • Solutions for the electricity grid.
  • Set of distributed energy resources.
  • Renewable energy integration technologies.
  • Advanced operation and maintenance technologies.
  • Electric mobility solutions.

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Early identificaction of key trends
for the future of the company

Access to groundbreaking technologies and business models

Fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial activity


Access to Iberdrola's ecosystem

  • Access to market know-how and key technologies
  • A single contact point

Pilot Programs

  • Access to large volumes of data
  • Testing technology in a real environment


  • 500,000 to 3 million euros (first rounds)
  • Co-investment with venture capital companies and funds


  • Devices for smart homes/buildings
  • Energy management platforms
  • Customer loyalty tools
  • Electric heating, etc.

  • Microgrids
  • HVDC
  • Technologies for smart grids
  • Advanced automation
  • Grid resilience technologies
  • Reliability and efficiency, etc.

  • Battery control technologies
  • Solar
  • Thermal electric power

  • Flexibility platforms
  • Energy storage

  • Platforms based on data
  • Drones
  • Sensors
  • Robots
  • Diagnosis
  • On-line supervision
  • Augmented Reality, etc.

  • Charging infrastructure
  • Mobility platform


An example is Iberdrola's investment in Innowatts, a startup responsible for the development of digital solutions that use artificial intelligence for the energy sector. A pilot project was carried out with this company, which resulted in the company receiving an investment as part of the Iberdrola - PERSEO Startup program. Innowatts, with its headquarters in Houston, started its commercial operations in 2014, managing to secure the necessary capital to expand its analysis and artificial intelligence platform, as well as to expand the commercial capacity of its digital solution e-Utility.

Innovative idea for the energy sector.


Iberdrola has been included for second year in a row in the Top 12 SEP Europe's Corporate Startup Stars, promoted by the Europe Partnership by European Comission. In detail, Iberdrola has been selected by the european startups as one of the 2018 Corporte Startups Stars and has awarded the Corporate Startup Procurement also for second year in a row.