Society turns to causes that are not necessarily close by and sets to work to help without receiving anything in exchange. That feeling creates links between the members of a society and we bring you their stories.

  • Working in collaboration with public administrations, various companies and NGOs, Iberdrola has prevented vulnerable customers from being deprived of their electric supply. Iberdrola group has also contributed over €15 million towards a series of initiatives to raise living standards for people at risk of social exclusion.

  • Emergency situations require urgent action, which in turn requires human and material resources. Fundraising plays a fundamental role in obtaining these resources. Food and water, medicines, clothing, money... It doesn't really matter what it is, what really matters is where it's going.

    The fight against climate change is the biggest challenge facing humanity and in order to achieve success it requires the participation of everyone, from every citizen to every government. In a world that prioritises economic interests over environmental ones, for example, multilateralism will play an essential role in bringing countries together and establishing a common strategy with one goal: safeguarding the planet.

  • The COVID-19 crisis has pushed some of the main humanitarian crises on the planet into the background, despite the fact that the virus has actually made them worse. Crises ranging from armed conflicts to natural disasters proliferate because of climate change. Here is a reminder of some of the worst calamities affecting the world.

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    Iberdrola encourages its employees to donate food and essential goods. Since 2012, this has meant collecting over 20,400 kilograms of food, as well as carrying out volunteering initiatives such as supporting soup kitchens to feed families in need. Under our commitment to mitigate the COVID-19 health crisis, 90,000 meals have been prepared for people in vulnerable situations.