How to boost empoyee motivation

The internal mobility promoted by the group plays a key role in motivating our employees

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Estefanía Segovia has benefited from the international mobility promoted by the company, which favours mixing talents and cultures and motivates employees, who all row together in the same direction. And there are many other employees like her in the group.


Estefanía Segovia appreciates the opportunity of creating multicultural teams. Video voice transcription (Spanish version) [PDF]

Keys to boosting employee motivation

In the Iberdrola group, people are our most valuable asset. Our employees are a strategic asset, contributing with their work and talent to the creation of sustainable value. We believe that employee motivation is indispensable if objectives are to be fully attained. Here are some of the keys we use in the Iberdrola group to achieve employee satisfaction:

 Internal mobility 

We offer facilities for transfer to the various group companies. We promote an integration plan to encourage contacts with and fitting in to multicultural environments.

 Diversity and inclusion

We are the sum of the cultures and talents represented by our employees. We are firmly committed to creating an inclusive environment so as to prevent any kind of discrimination.

 Continuous training

We are committed to training; it is a key part of the human resources policy. We keep our employees up to date with technological and organisational changes.

 Work-life balance and equality

We are at the forefront of Spanish companies, with more than 70 measures to bring about the right balance between working life and personal life.

 Health and safety in the workplace

We promote welfare inside and outside the workplace and we assess and control the risks. We seek continuous improvement of the management and prevention of risks in the workplace.

Internal mobility 

At the age of 27 Estefanía Segovia formed part of the mobility programme offered by the Iberdrola group to enable employees to develop themselves professionally in another country. Estefanía, who is an investment and market analyst in the renewables area, was keen to gain some international experience, and in the end this came about at just the right time. She saw her personal interests and those of the company meshing when the perfect opportunity presented itself. She transferred from her native Mexico to Madrid to work in Iberdrola.


We can draw an analogy between Estefanía's life and football, which is her passion. On the pitch she passes the ball around and has a global view of the match, she's always acutely aware of what's going on and provides support in all positions. And in making use of the group's mobility programmes she transfers this view of the game to the work sphere. Estefanía sums it up perfectly: “I really appreciate the fact that Iberdrola gives us the opportunity of creating multicultural, international teams, because after all it's good for us to get to know all the businesses, what the Iberdrola culture is like in each country, and that also encourages us to become standard-bearers for the company. They really make you feel like turning out to play in company colours. That's how Estefanía lives, from one team shirt to another at work and in football, always enthusiastically living and learning.

Training and professional development

Like Estefanía, many other group employees have been able to benefit from the global vision inherent in our business model. Because for the Iberdrola group the mobility programmes, the training and professional development plans and the cultural exchanges are fundamental pillars on which we base our success and that of our employees. Success in all its aspects: in terms of company results and of our employees' personal and professional satisfaction. We take care to equip our professionals with the necessary qualifications to perform all their functions. We seek to promote a culture of growth, value creation and continuous improvement so as to be able to take on new responsibilities in the future.

This continuous improvement is clearly contributed to by the group's mobility policy which seeks to identify and place human capital and relocate it to where it contributes most value, always guaranteeing a fantastic professional, personal and family experience.

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