We are committed to a model of learning that combines experience, relationships and training

A key factor for performance at work, adapting to change and professional development.

In 2020, Iberdrola provided 53 hours of training per employee, with the aim of increasing them to 55 hours by 2022, by promoting programmes and initiatives aimed at contributing to the excellence of its workforce.


Faith in training is a key part of the human resources policy at Iberdrola. It is an essential element for:

  • Professional growth for job performance.
  • Keep Iberdrola's employees updated regarding the last technological and organisational changes.
  • Adaptation of new employees to the company.
  • Better professional development, which promote their professional growth inside the company.

 Internal training and development programmes at Iberdrola group


Experience, 70% of learning takes place on the job. Relationships, 20% or learning comes from other people. Education, 10% of learning comes from a formar training situation.

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70% of learning takes place on the job


20% of learning comes from other people


10% of learning comes from a formal training situation

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At Iberdrola, we work so that our employees can secure the training and development they need not only for meeting the current requirements for their job description, but also for satisfying future needs in view of the onset of new technologies, equipment, instruments, etc., or even the need to assume greater responsibilities in their area of activity.

We also look after the dissemination of the company's existing knowledge, continuous learning, and cultural exchange, in order to enhance operational efficiency through the proper use of intellectual capital, as outlined in the Knowledge Management Policy.

The Iberdrola group wants all its employees to feel encouraged and supported so that they can develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours in a way that will enable them to perform their current duties properly or to take on a new professional endeavour in the future. This is why, in 2016, a new International campus was created in Madrid for delivering training.

Also, in 2018, we went live with our global learning and development portal. This is called Learning Meeting Point (LMP) and gives our employees direct access to the full gamut of virtual training and development tools. Additionally, we have carried out a design and unification process with our labour climate surveys for all group companies in order to share results, draw up action plans and adopt better practices worldwide.

The main initiatives in 2020 include the development of the Strategic Training Framework and definition of strategic competencies, aligned with the group's Strategic Outlook, which make it possible to create a learning culture adapted to current and future challenges in order to have a comprehensive learning model through which to develop the company's professionals.

Furthermore, during the COVID-19 pandemic the training teams in the various countries have adapted quickly, and critical training has continued to be provided in a safe and risk-assessed manner, adhering to the guidelines and legislation in force in each case. Telematic training guides have also been created that have made it possible to adapt content to a digital format, allowing the planned learning outcomes to be achieved even during lockdown.

Developing talent with a global perspective.#RRSSDeveloping talent with a global perspective.

 SEE INFOGRAPHIC: Developing talent with a global perspective [PDF]

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Employees play a decisive role in multinational companies like ours. We work on contributing to the company's results and improving the efficiency of the organisation by training our employees in the skills and competencies they need to do their job efficiently in today's world and to prepare them to take on greater responsibilities and challenges in the future.

We invest in:

  • Promoting mobility and rotation as key levers of development, in addition to traditional training and development actions.
  • Offering challenges and opportunities for development to professionals with potential so as to expose them to new situations in which they can gain visibility and test their skills.
  • Building a team of professionals that reflects their diversity, which is understood as being a source of competitive advantages.

The Iberdrola group also works in the following areas:

  • Defining the Development Model.
  • Designing and implementing a worldwide talent review process.
  • Offering training management and executive development worldwide through the Management School, which is part of the Iberdrola International Campus in Madrid.
  • Managing and implementing development programmes for non-management professionals through worldwide development and local training programmes.

Using the "70/20/10 Development Model", we design and manage the following programmes around the world:

  • The Executive Training Programme, to keep the business skills and knowledge required by the management team up to date.
  • The Leadership Programme to train Iberdrola's future leaders.
  • The Skills Development Programme, which offers a variety of resources to professionals who are committed to improving their personal skills.
  • The MBA in the Global Energy Industry Programme, designed in collaboration with the Iberdrola Management School and taught by the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid and Strathclyde University Business School in Glasgow, to develop the talent of the company's human resources. In the words of the Iberdrola Director General of Finance and Resources, José Sainz Armada: "A business grows and develops when its professionals grow and develop their talents."

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Iberdrola's Digital Mentoring programme is aimed at Iberdrola employees, with the objective of contributing to the process of digital transformation in the company, as well as the creation of opportunities to transmit knowledge and experiences and foster an environment of teamwork.

Possible areas of work for the mentor/mentee have been defined around the following areas: Digital working, new technologies, information management, work methodologies, and organisational and cultural change. 


Iberdrola's Leadership School offers various management development programmes in Spain, the US, the UK, Brazil, Mexico and the rest of the world.

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MBA in the Global Energy Industry

  • Official Masters combining the usual subjects of an MBA with specific content for the energy sector.
  • Design and instruction shared between the Universities of Comillas (Spain) and Strathclyde (Scotland), and their respective business schools.

Energising Leadership Programme (ELP)

  • Its aim is to extend knowledge on management and leadership in companies that operate in a multinational environment.
  • Imparted by ESADE.
  • It is complemented by the inclusion of Iberdrola's Strategic Simulator.

Strategic Business Simulator

  • This can form part of the ELP or can be studied as an independent module.
  • A business case for an electricity company adapted to the reality of Iberdrola. The programme ends with a simulation of the Shareholders' General Meeting.
  • Imparted by ESADE.

Leading in the Age of Disruption (LAD)

  • Continuation programme for participants who have already completed the Energising Leadership Programme (ELP).
  • Imparted by Headspring.

Global Leadership Programme (GLP)

  • Its main aim is to help participants to develop their leadership skills in a global environment.
  • Imparted by IMD.

Global Leadership Programme - Executive Version (GLP-Exec)

  • Condensed version of the Global Leadership Programme (GLP).
  • Imparted by IMD.

Driving Leadership Transformation Programme (DLTP) 

  • Continuation programme for participants who have already completed the Global Leadership Programme (GLP).
  • The aim is to complete and enhance the knowledge acquired on the GLP by helping its participants to strengthen their change capabilities as global leaders.
  • Imparted by IESE and IMD.

Other global development initiatives

The Leadership School also offers other programmes such as:

  • Conference Cycle for the Managerial Team.
  • IMD - Corporate Learning Network (CLN). Training resources aimed at executives at the international level.
  • e-Leaders Platform. A virtual space aimed at executives and participants in the Global Programmes, at the international level.

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The Expert Trainers Programme from Neoenergia* —the group's subsidiary in Brazil— seeks to contribute to improving internal knowledge management training with the aim of identifying and preparing the company's most experienced professionals to be multipliers of technical content and behavioral. These in-house educators will be trained so that they can act as facilitators of in-house training for their co-workers.

Neoenergia has now prepared the first expert trainers in the area of distribution operations, where they are learning techniques to facilitate learning and working on content such as teaching strategies and digital tools for this new scenario. In addition, the company has created an environment that facilitates cooperation and content exchange to improve the qualification and commitment from employees to the company's internal culture.

*Neoenergia, S.A. is 50 % + 1 share indirectly owned by Iberdrola, S.A.