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SHAPES, a new space for analysis, opinion and internationally renowned contributors

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The Iberdrola group presents SHAPES, a space for analysis, as well as a meeting place for expressing different views, opinions and ways of understanding our world. Working with renowned experts in sustainability, innovation, culture, talent, social engagement, etc. the company is able to discover new trends, explore current issues and analyse the present in order to try to anticipate the future.

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We live in a world in constant flux and we need access to increasing amounts of information and multiple ways of understanding the current situation. In this context, it is people with knowledge and expertise who encourage critical thinking and make a difference.

With the aim of analysing the present in order to anticipate the future, we are launching SHAPES, Iberdrola group's new digital project, designed to become a place for analysis and hub with space for different points of view, opinions and ways of understanding the situation.

With help from internationally renowned experts and contributors, SHAPES reflects on the latest trends in sustainability, innovation, culture, talent and social commitment, as well as establishing an area for reflection on the latest topics.


The first issue of SHAPES External link, opens in new window. features a piece by Saskia Sassen External link, opens in new window., an American sociologist, writer and teacher. Recipient of the Prince of Asturias Prize for Social Sciences 2013 and the CLACSO Award 2018, she has contributed a fascinating article analysing how COVID-19 has transformed life in cities and the fact that the world, at the economic, social and environmental level, will not be the same after the pandemic. The challenges we face and the key role of cities in this process are all covered in her interesting reflections.

This is just the starting point for SHAPES, a project that was born as a space open to knowledge, reflection, and debate with experts in order to better understand the reality around us. Welcome to SHAPES, a window on the world. Keep an eye out for our news!