Research and development projects

Our investment in research, development and innovation is key for adding value

Innovation is the main tool for ensuring the company's sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness. R&D efforts are focused on optimising operating conditions, improve safety and reduce environmental impact.

Wikinger offshore wind farm (Germany).

The company's main R&D projects in partnership with universities are in the following areas:

  • Smart grids: we focus on optimising the distribution network, occupational safety, environmental aspects and supply quality. 
  • Environment and biodiversity: we are committed to promoting innovation in this area and reducing the environmental impact of our activities. 
  • Utility of the future: thanks to our unwavering commitment to innovation, we have been recognised as the most innovative utility in Spain and third in Europe. 
  • Substations and high voltage: we seek to make technical progress in the insulation of high-voltage cables, as well as in the operation of substations.
  • HVDC: we have conducted different studies to optimise and develop the transmission of electrical energy in: High Voltage Direct Current. 
  • Nuclear technologies: our projects develop models that anticipate and analyse possible accidents at nuclear power plants. 
  • Energy markets: we improve energy markets by analysing them, forecasting variables and optimising trading models.
  • Robotics: we innovate in new technologies applied to the operation and maintenance of energy infrastructures: robotics, sensors, software, etc. 
  • Wind resources: we work on improving the production and efficiency of wind farms, studying their costs and maintenance.

    For more information, please refer to the Innovation Report 2014-2015 [PDF] External link, opens in new window..

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