Four readily-available tools

It is created to help achieve first-rate writing in both languages.

Style Guide.Iberdrola is making available to its users the Libro de estilo de Iberdrola and equivalents for English (Style Guide), Portuguese (Guia de recomendações para a escrita Iberdrola-Brasil) and Basque (Estilo Liburua). All these publications have been created for the purpose of reaching excellence in the drafting of texts and documents in such languages.

In 2011, Iberdrola published its first Libro de estilo in Spanish with the aim of creating a consultation tool that would gather the main orthographic, typographical and style rules and recommendations, introduced by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE), for the drafting of the texts and documents prepared by the professionals of the Iberdrola group. In 2017, Iberdrola published the second edition of this Libro de estilo [PDF] in Spanish, with the latest modifications that the RAE has been making during this period.

The Style Guide 2016 [PDF] is a practical and effective contribution for improving the ability to transmit messages in English with heightened linguistic quality. Along these lines, apart from containing numerous practical examples and content applicable to the energy sector, this guide also serves to support the correct use of acronyms, place names, units of measurement, currencies, abbreviations, etc., as well as a series of recommendations for the preparation of English text by native speakers of Spanish.

The publication Guia de recomendações para a escrita Iberdrola-Brasil 2016 [PDF] was prepared due to Iberdrola group's presence in Brazil and its commitment to this country. It is a manual with the principal orthographical, grammatical, stylistic and typographical rules for the drafting of texts and documents in Portuguese. In particular, it includes numerous examples and content of great practical utility.

For the same purposes, Iberdrola has published the Estilo Liburua 2016 [PDF], a guide intended to facilitate the proper drafting of documents in Basque by specifying the principal orthographical, grammatical, stylistic and typographical rules for this language and also including some practical examples.

If you want to review any of these four publications you can do it on an e-book reader or on any mobile device at the following link:

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