social networks

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram... is there anyone left with no account of those social platforms? It is important to know how to use them...

  • Applications: download in a secure manner

    Nowadays there are applications for practically everything (instant messaging, online stores, banks, news, social networks...). From any of our devices we can have the service we want in just a few seconds. But are we doing so in a safe manner? DISCOVER IT

  • Looking for work?

    LinkedIn is the go-to social network for talent recruiters. With an online community of 500 million users, it links professionals and businesses all around the world. You probably already use it to find work, but are you really making the most of it? Learn how to sell yourself better by taking some sound advice. READ MORE

    Social Networks, be careful of what you share!

    Social networks have become our photo albums, our bulletin boards, even our voice. We publish what happens to us during the day, we give our opinion on news, we participate in debates... And all this, very often, publicly. KNOW MORE

  • This summer, take cybersecurity on vacation with you

    During our holidays we seek to relax and disconnect from our daily lives, but we must not forget that it is the time of the year when cybercriminals can take advantage of our disconnection from the madding crowd to 'fill their boots' at our expense. MORE INFORMATION

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