Arts and culture help us understand and change the world. Iberdrola supports the conservation of arts heritage, as well as historic and cultural heritage in our societies of action.

  • It is almost impossible not to fall in love with the spectacle of light, sound and movement of video mapping. Many feel that this technique exists somewhere between technology and fantasy, and is a new striking way of making art. Meanwhile, industries such as the advertising sector already use it to promote their products.

  • Bringing together the pieces to be featured at an exhibition is a very sensitive process. It involves valuable and unique works of art, with the packaging and transportation of each the responsibility of specialist companies and professionals.

    Art restoration is an eminently delicate process. With modern tools, however, we can restore sculptures, paintings, books and even buildings with incredible precision and surprising results.

  • Films with traditional female leads have given way to films about women warriors, superheroines who stop wars, rebel leaders and scientists who change the course of history.

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    Over 200 works of art, documents and objects that illustrate the Spanish presence on the continent, together in the 'Memory Regained' exhibition.