Arts and culture help us understand and change the world. Iberdrola supports the conservation of arts heritage, as well as historic and cultural heritage in our societies of action.

  • Blockchain has arrived in the art world and is here to stay. Thanks to this technology, which allows smarter and safer transactions, intermediaries are reduced, intellectual property is guaranteed and the traceability of creative output is improved. But these applications are only the beginning. Discover how blockchain will revolutionise the art industry.

  • "Children learn that they have Spanish roots and begin to appreciate them"

    We interview Guillermo Fesser, Spanish journalist and writer, based in the United States, known for having been a former member of the legendary Gomaespuma Duo. Its book, Get to know Bernardo de Gálvez, is the only textbook in U.S. schools that makes mention of Spain's crucial help to Washington's army in achieving independence.

    Until now, the strict conservation conditions their collections require have prevented museums from meeting the needs of sustainable development. However, in recent years, the California Academy of Sciences, the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro and the Prado Museum in Madrid have shown that it is possible to harmonise the demanding energy costs of a museum with respect for the environment.

  • Bringing together the pieces to be featured at an exhibition is a very sensitive process. It involves valuable and unique works of art, with the packaging and transportation of each the responsibility of specialist companies and professionals.

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    Nature and mankind have created some marvellous places that can take our breath away. We get up close and personal with some of the most-visited places in the world.