Arts and culture help us understand and change the world. Iberdrola supports the conservation of arts heritage, as well as historic and cultural heritage in our societies of action.

  • Travel through four centuries of art with Iberdrola

    The Iberdrola group shows its commitment to culture through initiatives and programmes that conserve and raise awareness of heritage, and activities that encourage and contribute to disseminating contemporary creativity. Here is some interesting information about the main exhibitions that the company supported between January and July 2018. DISCOVER THEM

  • As delicate as transporting organs

    Bringing together the pieces to be featured at an exhibition is a very sensitive process. It involves valuable and unique works of art, with the packaging and transportation of each the responsibility of specialist companies and professionals. DISCOVER IT

    Art exhibitions sponsored by Iberdrola in 2017: from Bill Viola's video art to the brushstrokes of Sorolla

    Support of new artistic expressions, and dissemination of creativity are some of the initiatives that highlight Iberdrola's support of culture, which have been exemplified in exhibitions sponsored during the past year. DISCOVER IT

  • The presence of female protagonists on the big screen is on the rise

    Films with traditional female leads have given way to films about women warriors, superheroines who stop wars, rebel leaders and scientists who change the course of history. DISCOVER THEM

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    "Every single work at the Museo del Prado is different from all others, a new challenge"

    Alicia Peral was beneficiary of the Iberdrola - Museo del Prado Scholarships for Training and Research in Restoration in 2013 and 2015. Today she is part of the Restoration Department where she once worked as a trainee. MEET HER