Arts and culture help us understand and change the world. Iberdrola supports the conservation of arts heritage, as well as historic and cultural heritage in our societies of action.

  • For Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, the relationship between art and technology in the 21st century is nothing unusual. His works, which border on theatrical and performance art and make use of projections, sensors and communication networks, deal with this dichotomy and appeal directly to the observer in search of the answer to the question: How much does technology tell us about ourselves?

  • Until not long ago, art was a skill inherent to the human being, and therefore, inaccessible to machines. The appearance and evolution of Artificial Intelligence forces us to reconsider whether painting, composing or writing is still the exclusive heritage of humanity. The debate is now open.

    Daniel Canogar's work captures the public's imagination and stimulates reflection. Because, as he says, “we are distracted all the time”. The raw materials for his art are our everyday experiences with technology, from information overload to obsolescence.

  • Until now, the strict conservation conditions their collections require have prevented museums from meeting the needs of sustainable development. However, in recent years, the California Academy of Sciences, the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro and the Prado Museum in Madrid have shown that it is possible to harmonise the demanding energy costs of a museum with respect for the environment.

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