gender equality

Non-discrimination and respect for diversity should be the basis for working relations in any company. Access to employment, training, promotion and equal working conditions are key factors for achieving gender equality in the workplace.

  • She's only just eighteen and she's already broken several records: the Spanish senior indoor record in pentathlon, world youth champion in heptathlon, silver in the Youth Games 2018, European under-18 Gold medal in Triple Jump, Spanish under-20 long jump record... This young woman from Catalonia who didn't like athletics may well be an Olympic champion before she is 20 years old if she classifies for Tokyo 2020.

  • She wanted to strengthen her arms after ending in a wheelchair at 11 as a result of spinal inflammation, and she ended up in weightlifting. Not content with being 14-time Spanish parapowerlifting champion and with her three Olympic diplomas from the three Games she has participated in, she decided to compete with people “without disabilities” and, in 2016, she won the European Cup. This cheerful young woman from Cáceres is currently studying Interpretation and would like to become a powerlifting coach.

    At 12 years old, Sara Peñalver left her home to devote herself totally to badminton. She is now training in Madrid with the trainer of Carolina Marín, with whom she is already being compared. But she wants to make her own name for herself and, in her first year in the absolute category, she has already won her first two international tournaments. Aware that, especially for a woman, it is very difficult to live from sports, she combines her training with studying for an advanced diploma in Sports and Fitness Coaching.

  • At 14 years of age, she is the only girl in the Spanish Boxing Federation of Schoolboys and Schoolgirls Boxing technique development program, and the only child training with the national team. After a break for personal reasons — she started at the age of five — Laura says that boxing has made her stronger. Her greatest ambition: the Olympic Games 2024.

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    Helen Roca and María Ribera, Maribí, fell in love with rugby at university. Now, they are both coaches in the División de Honor Femenina (the top Spanish league competition for women) and faced each other at the Liga Iberdrola final in 2019. As players, María has got an Olympic diploma and Helen played in three world championships. But neither can earn a living from sport and they have to combine their passion with other jobs.