gender equality

Non-discrimination and respect for diversity should be the basis for working relations in any company. Access to employment, training, promotion and equal working conditions are key factors for achieving gender equality in the workplace.

  • Garazi Sánchez is one of the biggest names in Spanish sport right now. The Basque surfer is a two-time Spanish champion and runner-up in European Championships and has her sights set on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. Even though she does not consider herself a role model, as a result of her success many girls no longer see surfing as a men's sport and this has given them the courage to give it a go.

  • They were pioneers and their discoveries and inventions made history. However, their work has often been brushed aside and even vetoed by their peers. However, great women like Marie Curie, Virginia Apgar and Gertrude B. Ellion succeeded in being recognised in their respective fields of study. But they are not the only women who have changed the world.

    The midfielder is one of the leading players of the Liga Iberdrola women's football league. For the second year running, the team was on the verge of winning the double. The aim for the coming year: to continue striving in search of excellence.

  • The Iberdrola group is committed to the best international practices in the field of work-life balance, equality and diversity. Aligned with our policies, we continue to carry out different initiatives in all the countries in which we operate to increase the presence of women in the energy sector and in society in general.

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    Social norms, prejudices and expectations limit women's interests and determine their life choices from the earliest stages. Only 35% of women choose science-related degrees. Is there a solution? For many experts, the answer lies in promoting STEM education.