This karate champion, considered the best ever, has won 41 medals during her sporting career, 39 of them golds


Ignacio Galán congratulates Sandra Sánchez for winning gold at the Karate World Championships

  • The chairman of Iberdrola reiterated the company’s commitment to women's sport at a meeting at the company's Madrid headquarters with the world champion and her coach
  • Iberdrola is also one of the main sponsors of women's karate in Spain and has been supporting the Royal Spanish Karate Federation for more than a year, by creating the Iberdrola Karate League and awarding grants

The chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, congratulated Sandra Sánchez for her recent, triumph at the Karate World Championships where she won gold in the individual kata.

Galán, who met the karate champion and her coach, Jesús del Moral, at the company headquarters in Madrid this afternoon, confirmed the company’s commitment to women's sport and the comprehensive development of women.

The chairman of Iberdrola also reiterated the company’s intention to continue to stand by female athletes, fostering their participation in all areas and giving them the visibility and recognition they deserve.

Sandra Sánchez, crowned number one in the world in women's karate, has become a star in Spanish sport, with a collection of 41 medals, 39 of them golds. She won a 2017 National Sports Award and, according to the World Karate Federation, she is the best karate expert of all time.

Iberdrola has been supporting the Royal Spanish Karate Federation for more than a year now, creating and sponsoring the Iberdrola Karate League and awarding grants that provide ten athletes with the necessary resources to attend and take part in international championships.

This support is part of the company’s commitment to raise the profile of women athletes and their achievements, and to encourage the creation of new role models in society.

Iberdrola’s commitment to women’s sports is part of its commitment to equal opportunities and the promotion and empowerment of women, a principle included among the Sustainable Development Goals (GDS), which the company has made part of its corporate strategy.

Iberdrola is the main driving force behind women's sport in Spain, and was the first to get involved on a global basis. As things currently stand, the company supports 16 federations (gymnastics, triathlon, swimming, rugby, canoeing, badminton, football, handball, volleyball, hockey, table tennis, athletics, karate, boxing, surfing and ice sports), and provides backing to over 20,000 sportswomen.


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