• pdf 9.9 MB Sustainability Report.

    Sustainability Report

  • pdf 4.9 MB Activities Report of the Board of Directors and of the committees thereof.

    Activities Report of the Board of Directors and of the committees thereof

  • pdf 10.9 MB Integrated Report 2019.

    Integrated Report


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  • Integrated report [PDF]. Provides information about the business model and the future strategy of the Company, as recommended by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).
  • Annual financial information [PDF]. Contains the annual financial statements and management reports of Iberdrola, S.A., both individual and consolidated with its dependent companies, as well as the respective audit reports and Director responsibility statement.
  • Report on the independence of the auditors. Report by virtue of which the Audit and Risk Supervision Committee verifies the Company's financial accounts' auditor independence.
  • Statement of Non-financial Information. Sustainability Report [PDF]. It provides information on the Company's performance in the economic, environmental, social, and corporate governance dimensions, following the consolidated set of GRI Standards for sustainability reporting and the Supplement for Electrical Sector companies, both from Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), as well as the AA1000 standard, and subjects them to an independent external verification according to ISAE 3000. Annexes: London Benchmarking Group (LBG) declaration of assurance [PDF]. You can also access the new interactive Analysis tool to compare and analysis Sustainability data in a simple way, creating and saving your own personalised graphs.
  • Annual Corporate Governance report [PDF]. Explains the structure of ownership and administration, the operation of the corporate decision-making bodies, the risk control system, related-party transactions, and the level of the Company's compliance with the recommendations of the Good Governance Code of Listed Companies, in accordance with the form approved by the CNMV.
  • Activities Report of the Board of Directors and of the committees thereof [PDF]. Sets out the composition, operation and main activities of Iberdrola's management bodies over the course of the last financial year. Beginning in 2018, it also includes the content of the former annual reports regarding related-party transactions with directors and significant shareholders and regarding engagement and contacts with shareholders.
  • Annual Director Remuneration report [PDF]. Sets forth the Director Remuneration Policy for the current fiscal year and the application thereof during the prior fiscal year.

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