Virtual Shareholders Meeting.

At Iberdrola, in line with our principle of maintaining a constructive, permanent and effective dialogue with our shareholders, we regularly hold a series of Virtual Meetings with shareholders - Financial Presentations, which you can now also view in deferred.

05/11/2020: Presentation of the new Plan 2020-2025

Iberdrola has presented its 2020-2025 strategic plan, which includes historic investments of 75 billion euros. With this, the group aims to anticipate and seize the opportunities of the energy revolution facing the world's major economies.

Speaker: Mr. José Sainz Armada, Chief Financial, Control & Resources Officer.

During the meeting, Iberdrola's shareholders had the opportunity to learn about the market context, Iberdrola's vision and strategy for the coming years from one of the company's top executives.

02/06/2020: meeting with Mr. José Sainz Armada, Chief Financial, Control & Resources Officer

During this meeting, the shareholders heard first-hand about:

  • Iberdrola's financial and business news; the impact of COVID-19.
  • Iberdrola's share situation.
  • Iberdrola's response to the effects of the pandemic.