Iberdrola presents its commitment to reducing the intensity of its emissions at COP21

Climate action Events

France hosted and chaired the 21st United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 21/CMP 11), also known as "Paris 2015", from 30 November to 11 December 2015.

The meeting in Paris 2015 was a crucial date, since it was expected to result in a new international climate agreement applicable to all countries with a view to containing global warming under 2ºC. France thus played a key role on the international stage to bring positions closer and facilitate the search for a consensus in the United Nations and in the European Union, which also has a significant role in the negotiations on climate change.

Iberdrola wanted to contribute to the success of this summit by presenting a commitment to reducing the intensity of emissions. This goal, which is clearly stated in our Manifest, was delivered during the COP21 by nine Iberdrola employees who travelled from Bilbao to Paris by bicycle to further highlight the electrical solution. A commitment to keep global warming from exceeding two degrees. A commitment that is a challenge for all of humanity.

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The Iberdrola manifest

Climate Change.

Iberdrola's contribution to the Paris Summit

The electricity sector will play an essential role in reaching this target because, despite representing only 25% of CO2, emissions, the sector has renewable technologies capable of reducing emissions sustainably and efficiently, such as hydroelectric power, wind power and solar photovoltaic power.

Providing incentives for decarbonization also requires having a CO2 price signal that applies to all sectors of the economy based on the polluter pays" principle. Doing so will enable governments to secure funding to take action against global warming.

If the appropriate signals are given, climate change policies could also become an opportunity for economic growth and prosperity for society as a whole.

Iberdrola seeks to become a benchmark in the electricity sector's contribution to keep the global temperature increase below 2º C.

Iberdrola's journey between two towers

Iberdrola Tower and Eiffel Tower in Paris.

This initiative was conceived in 2016 with a view to raising both awareness and media visibility of the importance of reaching an agreement in Paris, demonstrating electricity's role in the solution and highlighting that we all need to take action: administration, companies and citizens should share the spotlight during this journey.

Leading by example, the path joining Bilbao and Paris was taken by electric bicycles. Approximately 1,200 km through the Basque Country and France to arrive in Paris for the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. A sporting and environmental feat, since the sporting component also bored a certain “green energy” objective in the bicycles and support vehicles.

Iberdrola's team.

The route

The journey began from the Iberdrola Tower and followed the most peaceful routes at all times. The road led us to Paris' Eiffel Tower from the south passed through cities such as San Sebastian, Biarritz, Royan, Tours, Orleans and of course Paris...

We divided the journey into two parts, the first to the frontier and the second in France. We took a coastal road for the trip from Bilbao to Hendaye. Once in France, our trajectory followed EuroVelo routes 1 and 6, along Vélodyssée (from Irún to Sables d'Olonne), Loire-à-Vélo (from Cholet to Châutaudun) and the bike path approaching Paris South (from Orleans to Paris).

The Route.