New York Climate Week 2019

New York Climate Week 2019

The future of the climate is decided in New York City

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New York City (USA) will be the epicentre of the climate agenda in September. The city will host two pivotal events for measuring the degree of commitment to global warming. These are the United Nations Climate Action Summit on 23 September and the Climate Week NYC from 23 to 29 September. The next United Nations Conference on climate change (COP25) in Chile is on the horizon.

NY Climate Week
New York Climate Week brings together political leaders, businessmen and international organizations.

Time is running out. The UN warns that there are just 11 years remaining to prevent irreversible climate catastrophe: if the Earth heats up more than 1.5°C by 2030 compared to the temperature of the late nineteenth century, there will be serious environmental problems with dire consequences for life — more floods, more extreme heat waves and more frequent and lasting droughts —. It can still be fixed but the countdown has already begun.

Climate action on the global agenda

The international community asks all the planet's stakeholders for new measures against global warming and, above all, greater efforts to comply with them. Without going any further, in 2017 the world record for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions was broken with 53.5 gigatonnes of CO2, according to a UN report published in 2018. This same document indicated that fewer than a third of the countries subscribed to the Paris Agreement are doing the right thing to reduce their emissions from 2030.

In this context, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called upon global leaders to attend the Climate Summit in New York on 23 with ambitious, firm, realistic plans to accelerate their policies and fulfil the commitments they made under the Paris Accord by governments for 2020. Together they will work on new solutions to fight global warming and present their most immediate plans for climate action. The objective is to minimize CO2 emissions in 2020 to reduce them by 45% globally in the next decade and to zero after 2050.

This is an essential event on the world climate agenda, which brings together the private sector, civil society, local authorities and other international organisations to develop initiatives against global warming. The Summit will also receive extra stimulus from the activities and initiatives scheduled around Climate Week New York External link, opens in new window.  organised by The Climate Group, which will draw attention to climate solutions devised by the private sector in all areas of the economy.

Climate Group
What is the Climate Group?

 SEE INFOGRAPHIC: What is the Climate Group? [PDF] External link, opens in new window.

Work areas at Summit and Climate Week 2019

The Summit will be organised around nine action areas External link, opens in new window., each of which will have its own agenda of initiatives and a structure with governments and organisations to lead the action. A wide array of subjects will be on the agenda, from mitigation strategies for the economy as a whole to measures to decarbonise the energy sector to promote robust CO2 signals at a global level.

Climate Week New York will feature exhibitions, seminars, conferences and round tables, among other activities, and will include programs such as:

  Youth and climate activism
Greta Thunberg has inspired millions of young people around the world in the fight against global warming. The New York event will address the role of youth and climate activism in a broader sense.

  Energy transition
The program will focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency, storage and access to energy, also highlighting innovation such as blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  Buildings, infrastructure and sustainable mobility
This section focuses on reducing global transport emissions, but will also include events on architecture and sustainable construction.

  Climate finance and investments
This forum will examine financial opportunities to identify and cushion climate risks. It will also review investment options against global warming and the role of carbon.

  Health, equality and justice
In this regard, the summit will analyse how climate action should address the prosperity and well-being of people at all levels.

  Sustainable leisure and tourism
The summit will lead global dialogue on how travel and entertainment can contribute to the good health of our planet.

  Food, land uses and natural solutions
This part will investigate how to reduce emissions from the food and agriculture industry, as well as the role of forests and the recovery of terrestrial ecosystems.

  Resilience and adaptation to climate change
During the week, the risks of global warming and their impact on food and water, or what to do to prevent natural disasters and how to help their victims will be addressed.

'The Hub', the forum to promote commitments to the climate

All these activities will be launched in the event known as The Hub, to take place on 24 and 25 September. Organisations and representatives from numerous countries, cities and industrial sectors will participate in this two-day forum, and the world's leading political and business leaders will join it to join forces, create alliances and discuss important measures against climate change.

This space for ideas, reflection and cooperation is a forum for discussions on the economy, energy transition and innovation. Above all, work will be undertaken to continue moving forward and take action for the climate beyond this summit with a single objective: to call on the governments of the world to do everything possible to fulfil the commitments reached in the Paris Agreement. Time is almost up...