How to balance work and family life

At the forefront in work-life balance

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As an Iberdrola group employee, Javier Vázquez has been able to benefit from many advantages, among them continuous training, geographical mobility and work-life balance.

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Javier Vázquez has been working for Iberdrola for 19 years. Video voice transcription (Spanish version) [PDF]

Keys for achieving work-life balance

Balancing work with personal life is more than a reality in the Iberdrola group, but in most companies it is still at best work in progress. Even if the necessary facilities are not available in the workplace, there are some tips that can always be followed to try to achieve a balance between family and working life:

 The importance of breaks

The pressure and rapid pace of work must not be allowed to sweep away breaks. It is important to respect workers' rest times, which are essential to performance and to ensuring that workers do not leave the company overburdened.

 Get to know the particular situation of each employee

Not all workers have the same obligations outside of work or need the same working schedule. Flexibility in clocking in and off times will favour workers' motivation and with it their performance.

 Two different compartments of life

Workers need to know how to switch off when they leave work. They have to be able to disconnect when leaving the office. The first thing to do is to switch off their work mobile; if there's a real emergency they can be reached on their personal mobile.

 Organise non-working time well

Be realistic. Don't make a ridiculously large number of plans for when you leave the office. You have to make the best use of your free time for yourself and return to work refreshed and motivated.

Example of balancing familiy life 

Javier Vázquez is an industrial engineer who has worked in Iberdrola for 19 years, in which time the company has grown out of all recognition, as indeed has he. After a while he was offered the chance of transferring to Brazil to work. He did so, together with his family and they all had an incredible experience. He was made to feel very welcome and was able to continue to learn and train in his profession. "Every day you find yourself in new situations. Every day you're learning something".

On his return, Javier was able to combine his profession with a passion he has had since his childhood and that he has wanted to pass on to his children: horses. Together with his family he enjoys many relaxing hours on horseback. Javier has perfectly balanced his work with his personal life thanks to the facilities that the company has for doing so.

Work-life balance and equality

The Iberdrola group has positioned itself at the forefront in work-life balance thanks to its policies of working day rationalisation, maternity and equality. Iberdrola was the first Ibex-35 company to introduce the continuous working day in Spain. The hours, from 7:15 a.m. to 4:36 p.m., with a leeway of one and three quarter hours in the clocking in and out times, make it easier for employees to enjoy their family, friends and hobbies on a daily basis.

The company has a Manual of Work-Life Balance Policies which contains more than 70 measures. These include — in Spain —:

  • 30 days leave for both parents, in addition to the 16 weeks of statutory leave (in which we supplement the Social Security benefit up to 100% of the fixed salary)

  • Payment of 100% of salary during maternity/paternity leave. 
  • 15 calendar days' paid leave prior to the expected date of delivery. 
  • Extension to three years of the time the position is kept available in the case of extended leave to take care of children or up to second degree relatives, with the possibility of accessing professional training.
  • The setting up of a company committee to oversee compliance with work-life balance and equal opportunity measures, among others.