labour productivity

Make a list of tasks, define a set of priorities, establish daily goals, focus on a specific task, etc. We give you a series of guidelines so you can have everything under control and improve your productivity.

  • In a constantly changing job market, exist a profile that is particularly good at adapting. These are knowledge nomads, otherwise known as knowmads. They are highly flexible, creative workers with a collaborative spirit. Also, they're passionate about their jobs and they have no boundaries.

  • Very often, toxic thought patterns take a hold of us and stop us from realising our full potential. Don't surrender to these negative psychological processes! You can change them, but you need to know how. Set yourself a clear goal, be tough, consistent, and have positive mindset. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals.

    Time is money, and even more so in 2020. The Internet and the new technologies have brought with them immediacy, which at times turns day-to-day management and priority setting into an arduous task. Listed below are a number of techniques for improving your productivity. Take note!

  • Being brief and making an immediate impact are increasingly important values in communication due to the influence of the social networks and, let's be honest, the daily hustle and bustle. An elevator pitch allows you, in the time it takes to ride in a lift, to plant the seed of an idea in someone's mind, as the first step towards success.

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    Tennis fans and Rafa Nadal's opponents wonder what is secret could be. Although he may not be aware of it, without grit, he would not be such an extraordinary player. This concept of modern psychology is proof that perseverance and passion for what we do is the secret to achieving personal success. It is by far the most important factor, even more than talent and intelligence.