labour productivity

Make a list of tasks, define a set of priorities, establish daily goals, focus on a specific task, etc. We give you a series of guidelines so you can have everything under control and improve your productivity.

  • One of the main tasks of a business leader is to get their team to believe in a project, keep them motivated and make the best of each member in pursuit of the corporate goals. The problem is that there is no magic formula and, therefore, we have a wide range of leadership styles.

  • There are many leadership styles in the workplace, but today one style stands out above the rest: the transformational, who aims to inspire and motivate employees, foster their creativity and drive their professional development. These leaders influence others and set an example, they transform companies and their members, who voluntarily follow the leader in pursuit of a common goal.

    When companies are seeking talent, they tend to look outside. But what if it was already there, in their own offices? Owing to a lack of mechanisms for identifying talent, a mistrust of internal structures or a reluctance to rearrange the hierarchy, many companies do not encourage their employees to develop ideas.

  • Joy, nerves, surprise, anger, calm, disappointment... managing the roller-coaster of emotions that we experience on a daily basis is not easy. However, emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly important as a way to achieve happiness in all aspects of our lives, including the workplace. Do you want to learn to be happy?

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    The multitasking person can add value to a project. This is why many companies are choosing profiles that can assume a variety of functions, responsibilities and roles. However, it is not easy to perform several tasks at once efficiently, just as one person cannot cover the work of several. Below, we review the pros and cons of multitasking.