high performance

How do you give your best at key moments? It's not an easy task, but there are a number of ways you can improve your performance. Eliminating distractions, planning every day well and being proactive are some of them.

  • The multitasking person can add value to a project. This is why many companies are choosing profiles that can assume a variety of functions, responsibilities and roles. However, it is not easy to perform several tasks at once efficiently, just as one person cannot cover the work of several. Below, we review the pros and cons of multitasking.

  • TEAL organisations are based on the eponymous paradigm created in 2014 by a former McKinsey & Company executive, Frederic Laloux, after years of searching for a more efficient organisational model. Their main objective is to leverage the talents of employees, who complement each other, by pooling their knowledge and integrating at all levels.

    Companies are increasingly embracing learning by doing, a more action-oriented methodology when it comes to staff training. It is based on the practice of the work performed in order to stimulate the activity, motivation and participation of employees, sharing ideas in workgroupsand developing a fair self-assessment.

  • Digitisation has revolutionised education, enabling students to learn from anywhere. During the COVID-19 pandemic this has become fundamental and has reopened the debate on the educational model, making teachers and students ask themselves the following question: Has the time come to opt for a blended learning model?

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    Alongside the digital revolution, the education sector has seen far-reaching changes in the last decade, creating a new reality in classrooms. Along with a boom in Educational Technology (EdTech), an infinite number of tools and applications have emerged and have become part of students' and teachers' daily lives. They are tools capable of providing students with tailor-made learning experiences.