Kayak polo: a 'three in one' water sport

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What happens if you mix the best of water polo, basketball and canoeing? You're playing kayak polo. We found out all its secrets for you.


The first reference to what we know today as kayak polo is found in an English newspaper in 1880. It describes a game played in the Scottish ports by a group of men with a paddle playing with a ball in the water. The use of the kayak — or canoe — emerged in Germany in the 1920s.

This water sport grew and evolved bit by bit until its first official regulation was published in 1978. The first European kayak championship was held in 1993 — Germany won the first place — and a year later the United Kingdom was the chosen stage for the first champion.

Basic tips
Basic tips on how to enjoy kayak polo.

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It is, in a nutshell:

  • Perfect for fans of water sports.
  • It requires dexterity and balance, and a good deal of physical effort.
  • Doing it regularly has important health benefits:
    • Improves physical condition and resistance
    • Reduces stress
    • Improves breathing
  • A life jacket, helmet and sun cream are essential.

Kayak polo is the perfect sport to ward off the heat and boredom. Try it and you'll be convinced!