Initiatives with University of Strathclyde

Iberdrola and the University of Strathclyde launch the Entrepreneurial Challenge

The Scottish Power-Iberdrola Entrepreneurial Challenge initiative sets students a challenge to develop the knowledge and skills required to start their own business in the energy sector. It also provides them with the opportunity to tackle the great challenge of transforming their ideas and projects into innovative startups.

Thanks to the Iberdrola SP Entrepreneurial Challenge, the students will be able to:

  • Getting the most out of the specialised training they will receive at the university.
  • Leveraging the experience and connections of the industry experts with whom they will have the chance to collaborate.
  • Optimising the funding they are offered to launch their startup.

The initiative, aimed at the entire University of Strathclyde community, offers training and advice

to help participants improve their skills and knowledge on matters related to the energy sector, by working in teams and shaping their projects through a pragmatic approach.

The challenge involves identifying, selecting and developing new and promising business ideas. These include new technologies, services, products, business models and processes, etc. It also takes into account complementary technologies and innovation in management, including digital technologies and data analyses. All ideas must be used to achieve a common goal: to create or become part of commercially viable enterprises.

This challenge is for all students at the University of Strathclyde, including undergraduates, post-graduates and doctorate students. A maximum of 15 project teams with no more than 5 students per team can participate.

For more information about the Entrepreneurial Challenge initiative, please visit the following website: .

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