Benefits of multicultural teams

Searching for a global corporate culture

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Among the principles that guide the corporate culture of the Iberdrola group is its multinational drive through its mobility program. This goes hand in hand with the creation of teams with different cultures and locations. Nuria Soto has moved to the United States to take on a new challenge.

Nuria Soto is participating in getting the first offshore wind farm in the United States up and running

Nuria Soto is participating in getting the first offshore wind farm in the United States up and running. Video voice transcription (Spanish version) [PDF]

Advantages of working in a multicultural company

In order for multiculturalism to become a differentiating factor in a company, a fundamental condition be met: the company has to be inclusive, welcoming and unifying. A welcoming atmosphere has to be favoured with a plan that has guidelines on how to manage employees' multiculturalism.

If it is a global organisation, the processes, goals, values, and vision must all be heading in the same direction.

Being inclusive, welcoming and unifying involves dedicating part of employees' time at work to working on the team, knowledge, and exchange of opinions and expertise. Some companies propose games to manage multiculturalism like Trivial Pursuit with questions from the different countries that employees come from, or international cooking contests.

There are a wide array of advantages to working in a multicultural company. Here are just a few:

  Improved creativity

The variety of points of view and ideas often has to do with the employees' career and education. Experiences can vary widely depending on the culture. The result is a rich and diverse flood of ideas and a variety of approaches to solving problems.

  Improved productivity

The diversity of thought will create innovative and disruptive ideas that will push the company, improving its results.

  Improved reputation

If results improve, reputation soon follows, but not just from meeting our goals. Being a role model, having anti-discrimination and anti-racism policies and onboarding plans, puts the company one step ahead of its competitors.

  Fewer conflicts

Inclusion programs will favour an on-the-job team spirit, improve empathy, and increase employee satisfaction.

Nuria's story

Nuria Soto and her entire family faced a new challenge at the beginning of the year when they moved to Boston. Nuria works in the Services, Operation, and Maintenance department in Iberdrola's Renewables businesses and since starting out on this new path she has been part of the major project to commission the first offshore wind farm in the United States.

Professional development 

Nuria studied Industrial Engineering in Valladolid and then moved to Dresden in Germany to study Mechanical Engineering. It was a very enriching experience that got her hooked: "I've always wanted to relive that by working abroad". After eleven years with Iberdrola she packed her bags once more to take advantage of the opportunity the company gave her. A new challenge which, in her own words, "is going to give a lot to me and my family".

This opportunity presented to Nuria has all the makings of an enriching experience thanks to the Iberdrola group's special effort and interest in ensuring successful relocations. How? The company has a basic recruiting model at the international level and drives integration through its onboarding program. This programme was launched to welcome and integrate new professionals who have recently joined the company in Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Mexico. It aims to facilitate their welcome and incorporation into the company and to bolster their professional development

Global corporate culture

The culmination of this type of practices is due especially to the consolidation of a group corporate culture that does not divide the companies into silos but sees all the businesses as a whole, one that rows in the same direction. Another important point to stress is how we raise awareness among our staff about diversity (gender, generational, functional and cultural diversity at work). We work in teams with different cultures and locations, achieving the best results and a major impact. One of principles of the Iberdrola group's business culture is investment in our most valuable asset: our employees.