Blockchain in the Participation Portal

Garantía de trazabilidad de la participación electrónica a través de la tecnología blockchain

General Shareholders' Meeting

All shareholders and proxy representatives who have participated in the Meeting through the Participation portal have been able to verify the correct registration of their participation through the blockchain network.

What is a blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology for recording information that ensures the traceability and immutability of recorded data. Each vote, proxy or remote attendance received through the Participation Portal is securely and immutably stored in the blockchain and encrypted, ensuring its confidentiality. 

How can I verify the registration of my participation in blockchain?

Any shareholder or proxy representative who participates via the Participation Portal can verify that their proxy or electronic vote has been properly recorded in the blockchain network. Likewise, and as a new development in 2023, remote attendance has also been recorded in the blockchain network.

You can verify your participation by following the instructions included in the “Check my participation” option offered in the Participation Portal. 


As from what date can I check if my participation has been recorded in the blockchain network?

All shareholders and proxy representatives who participate in the General Meeting can make this query as from the date on which their registration is recorded in the systems made available to them by the Company and up to one month after the holding of the General Meeting.

The calculation of proxies an absentee votes received prior to the General Meeting are subject to verification by the Company of the shareholder status of the holder thereof and of number of shares registered in their name five days prior to the holding of the General Meeting.