Wind podcast

'United by the wind', the power of an unlimited resource

Wind has always been present in our lives. It is an essential element for the life cycle of animals, plants and human beings, as well as a key resource for the development of transport and even for the production of renewable energy through wind installations. United by the wind' is a podcast produced by Iberdrola that delves into the qualities and benefits of this unlimited resource, its influence on the history of civilisations as well as the curiosities surrounding it and its role in meteorological studies and energy production. Do you want to know more?

Unidos por el viento

 'United by the wind', an Iberdrola podcast about this natural resource. Audio voice-over [PDF]

The wind has been an indisputable part of the history of mankind. It has been their faithful companion on the great voyages in search of the unexplored, becoming the essential force that allowed the movement of their vessels. From the Greeks or the Phoenicians to the Vikings, all civilisations have perfected their own fleet to explore the world thanks to a continuous learning of the wind as a natural resource. Its power has also made it possible to move windmills, initially to grind wheat and produce food, and today to generate clean electricity with wind turbines. 

A unique and powerful resource, the wind is the protagonist of this podcast 'United by the wind', produced by Iberdrola, with the participation of Concepción Camarero, geographer and professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid; Irene del Río, journalist specialising in Meteorology and Luis Prieto, physicist and head of weather forecasting at Iberdrola. The talk between the guests fluctuates between the characteristics that make wind an essential good for human beings and life on earth, its role in history, the beginnings of the prediction of its behaviour beyond empirical knowledge and its capacity to generate clean energy, the key to a sustainable future.