Iberdrola U, the energy that transforms the future

Iberdrola U, the Iberdrola Universities Program, aims to support the transfer of knowledge, talent and social contribution. It strengthens the link between universities and companies with the goal of teaching young talents the skills to develop innovative solutions to the energy sector's challenges. To make these aims a reality Iberdrola is working with six universities.

Iberdrola U, the Iberdrola Universities Program, is a hub for university students, interns, entrepreneurs, researchers and Iberdrola employees all united around the same goal: to contribute to defining the future of energy through innovative solutions.

This program encourages young talent to participate in the changes to the energy sector. Through six agreements, the Universities Program currently connects nearly 200,000 students, 20,000 professors and 1,500 interns from six major universities all sharing a common interest: to be leaders in the future of energy.

Our company, Iberdrola, through its constant support and collaboration with education and entrepreneurship with the goal of developing students' skills and proficiencies in business, research and innovation, is undertaking a number of lines of action:


Main agreements

Currently, the six agreements of the University Program have a scope of around 200,000 students, 20,000 teachers and 1,500 scholarship recipients.

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Young entrepreneurs

The future of energy will be written by the youth, and that's why Iberdrola wants to encourage new ideas and provide youth with the tools they need to make it happen.

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With these agreements Iberdrola is encouraging University-Business technology transfer and establishing a collaborative framework for launching R&D projects and training initiatives.

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R&D Projects

We support the development of innovative projects that add value to our company, raise our productivity and our efficiency.

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