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We support education, technology transfer and the establishment of universal access to energy services through different university chairs.

Iberdrola Chairs: Techonology, Innovation, Energy and Initiatives.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

With the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Iberdrola-Avangrid and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have entered into a five-year collaboration in which Iberdrola will commit five million to the Iberdrola-Avangrid chair through the MIT Energy Iniciative “External.

The objective of this initiative is to to train a new generation of young professionals in power systems engineering to solve the current need for research and development into new technologies to combat climate change.

This collaboration between Iberdrola - an example of the potential of the electricity sector - and a prestigious university like MIT is ideal for developing solutions that allow the transition toward the clean energy of the future.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Comillas Pontifical University-ICAI.

With Comillas Pontifical University

The Iberdrola Chair in Energy and Innovation of the Comillas Pontifical University - ICAI was created in October 2012 with the following goals:

  • To be an instrument for formalising a stable partnership agreement between the University and Iberdrola to carry out research, innovation and training activities in fields of knowledge of strategic interest to Iberdrola.
  • The creation of university-Iberdrola link to render a strategic nature to this alliance within the field of innovative knowledge creation and transfer that goes beyond the strictly economic area.
  • To be a tool that enables the university to boost research, development, innovation and teaching, as well as work for different social and cultural causes without having to provide full-time personnel of university.
Comillas Pontifical University-ICAI.
Monterrey Institute of Technology.

With the Tecnológico de Monterrey

Iberdrola-México and the Tecnológico de Monterrey have set up a chair focused on the commitment to young people and technological innovation.

The aim of this initiative is for students and researchers to collaborate in R&D projects which contribute to the company's objective to generate the clean, natural electricity of the future.

Monterrey Institute of Technology.
University of Strathclyde.

With the University of Strathclyde

Constituted by ScottishPower with the University of Strathclyde in 2007, the chair “External carries out research to tackle some of the challenges facing the energy sector and serves as a basis for reinforcing international impact and industrial consortia in this area of engineering.

University of Strathclyde.
University of Salamanca.

With the University of Salamanca

The Eighth Centenary Iberdrola Chair of the University of Salamanca “External was created in 2016 as an action framework that formalises the collaboration between both organisations and promotes education, research and innovation in fields of knowledge of special interest to both entities.

Its main purpose is to foster university-business technology transfer and become a framework for collaboration in the launch of R&D projects and training initiatives in common areas of interest. It also seeks to promote specialised training in fields of knowledge which are of greatest interest to Iberdrola, and to carry out other social and cultural activities.

Over the first year of work, Chair Director Susana Lagüela's team has developed a a tool based on public geospatial data for automatic rooftop solar production calculation, meant for use in optimising the design of a photovoltaic installation adapted to the needs of specific users. The system, called ENER3DMap “External, was presented in December 2018.

Furthermore, the University of Salamanca - in collaboration with the Complutense University of Madrid - has developed an innovative study that contributes to the optimisation of electricity distribution networks by reducing their environmental impact. Specifically, from environmental and technical information, the researchers have designed a digital tool that provides a reliable estimate of the existing risk to birds of prey of electrical line supports on the electricity network of Castilla y León, which is managed by Iberdrola and is the initial area subject to study.

The Eighth Centenary Iberdrola Chair is the first of the Eighth Centenary Chairs of the University Excellence Program (USAL) approved by the Interinstitutional Commission to commemorate the eight centuries of the USAL in 2018. The aim is to create research, teaching, and knowledge transfer units, designed to incorporate prestigious researchers into the academic institution through a public-private partnership system.

This Chair focuses on the analysis and viability of different technologies and business models, which can be implemented to create a decarbonised world that is connected to the grid and it is developed within a period of two years which can be extended.

University of Salamanca.
Other chairs.

Other chairs


The Chair of European energy policy at the College of Europe will be called the Iberdrola Manuel Marín Chair. The aim of this chair is to teach, research and debate the energy policies within the European Union. The main activities promoted by the Iberdrola Manuel Marín Chair will include teaching a subject on energy policy; organising high-level conferences with key players in the energy policy legislative process, as well as seminars and workshops; research work and, finally, fostering relations between European institutions and reference associations.


Orkestra is an initiative launched by the Basque Institute of Competitiveness, which pertains to the Deusto Foundation, an organisation devoted to transferring scientific knowledge to society. Through this organisation, Iberdrola participates as a trustee in the Energy Chair “External, created in 2011, which works around four areas:

  • Energy and market economy.
  • Transport and energy.
  • Energy, technology and industry: competitiveness and industrial development.
  • Energy geopolitics.


This chair was created in response to a call from the international community to governments, companies, civil society and the academic world to join forces with a view to widening global access to modern forms of energy through environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially inclusive supply models. Iberdrola and the the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), through its Centre for Innovation in Technologies for Human Development (itdUPM) “External, join forces to train, disseminate and identify possible R&D actions that give rise to innovative projects in the field of universal access to energy services.

Video Iberdrola - UPM Chair “External


The purpose of this chair “External created in 2000 at the Universidad of New México (UNM) is to further research and acquire knowledge within specific areas of science, information technology and energy, preferably in smart grids and alternative and renewable energy sources.


The Iberdrola Financial and Business Ethics Chair was constituted in September of 2018 with the following objectives:

  • The creation of a link between the University and Iberdrola to give this partnership a strategic character within the field of innovative knowledge creation and transfer going beyond the strictly financial field.
  • To promote the study and dissemination of the concepts and principles regarding business and professional ethics in all spheres of operation.
  • To develop different lines of research on this topic, establishing common ground between the academic and the business worlds.
  • Engaging in activities to popularise and disseminate the research and studies being done through seminars, meetings, lectures and publications.

In November 2018, the Iberdrola Financial and Business Ethics Chair was presented, which has the main aim of encouraging education and fostering the concepts and principles of business and professional ethics in all of its spheres. The chair, which has now been reflecting on and investigating aspects related to business ethics and corporate social responsibility for 15 years, will have an initial duration of three academic years.

The chair will continue to be directed by José Luis Fernández, a professor from the Business Management Department in the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences (Comillas ICADE), along with two senior managers from Iberdrola: Dolores Herrera, Head of Compliance, and Agustín Delgado, Head of Innovation, Sustainability and Quality.

Other chairs.