Iberdrola invites you to discover the documentary 'Guardians of the Planet'

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As part of the 'Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities' conference, Iberdrola is presenting 'Guardians of the Planet', a documentary made with the expert advice of a company that is a global leader in the fight against climate change.

On the occasion of the forthcoming 2018 General Shareholder Meeting, Iberdrola is presenting Guardians of the Planet, a documentary directed by the journalist and chair of the Spanish Academy of Television Sciences and Arts, Manuel Campo Vidal, and made with the company's expert advice.


Guardians of the Planet explores the search for answers to climate change through curiosity and the research process carried out by three young entrepreneurs. Their search begins at the phenomenon's source and analyses this challenge facing humanity. It also investigates the causes and processes that generate climate change.

The group's shareholders will be able to see the documentary in the Torre Iberdrola from April 4 to 11 after presenting the documentation needed to participate in the group's 2018 General Shareholder Meeting.

This first showing is the perfect prelude to the Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities conference being organised by the company, which aims to analyse climate change from different perspectives while putting special emphasis on the benefits of climate action, one of the most outstanding Sustainable Development Goals, and the involvement of citizens in our day-to-day.

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