Enjoy portraits and profiles of some of the leading figures in women's sport in Spain

In sport, very often the success stories conceal lives full of sacrifices and stories with soul that only come to light after they have reaped the rewards of years of effort and sacrifice. Paths that, in the case of women, are often beset with even more difficulties. Find out about the road that many of the great stars of women's national sport have had to follow. Professional careers achieved through passion, effort and determination that have taken them to the top.

María Vicente.

María Vicente, athlete

At just 18, she already has several records in combined events, in both the youth and senior categories. She may well be an Olympic champion before she turns 20 if she classifies for Tokyo 2020.
Loida Zabala.

Loida Zabala, weightlifter

Spanish parapowerlifting champion 14 times and with three Olympic diplomas, in 2016 she won the European Cup to people "without disabilities".
Sara Peñalver.

Sara Peñalver, badminton player

She left her home at 12 to devote herself totally to badminton. In her first year in the absolute category she won her first two international tournaments. She is being compared with Carolina Marín.
Laura Barceló.

Laura Barceló, boxing

The only girl in the Spanish Boxing Federation Schoolboys and Schoolgirls Boxing program is the only child training with the national team. Her greatest ambition: the 2024 Olympic Games.
Helen Roca and 'Maribí' Ribera.

Helen Roca and 'Maribí' Ribera, rugby coaches

They both fell in love with rugby at university. Now, they are coaches in the top Spanish league and played each other at the final in 2019. But neither can make a living from it.
Sara Hurtado.

Sara Hurtado, ice dancer

The seven-time Spanish champion was one half of the pair that represented our country in ice skating at the Olympic Games and in 2018 she won a silver medal at the Rostelecom Cup Grand Prix event.
Teresa Portela.

Teresa Portela, canoeist

She almost gave up her sports career when she decided to become a mother after the London Olympics. Today she is a step away from becoming the woman with most Olympic games under her belt.
Salma Paralluelo.

Salma Paralluelo, footballer and athlete

Equally committed to football and athletics, in 2018 she became European and World champion with the sub-17 football team, and is the youngest woman to have won a senior athletics medal.
Celia Jiménez.

Celia Jiménez, national team player

She went to the US at 18 so she could combine her studies with a professional sporting career. She is the 1st female Spanish footballer to be selected for the US soccer DRAFT.
Amanda Sampedro.

Amanda Sampedro, footballer

The Atl. Madrid Féminas captain has won three leagues and one Copa de la Reina with her team, where she always dreamt of playing and where she made her first-team debut at 15.
Patricia García.

Patricia García, rugby player

Spanish women's national rugby player Patricia García analyses the challenges she has faced during her sports career and how she overcome them with the right attitude and determination.
Alejandra Quereda.

Alejandra Quereda, national gymnastics coach

The Olympic medallist, two-time world champion, Spanish national gymnastics coach and medical student tells us her story of hard work and sacrifice.
Sandra Sánchez.

Sandra Sánchez, world kata champion

The karateka has had to overcome her rivals on the tatami and the opinions of those who did not believe in her. She tells us about the long and hard road to the top.