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The Iberdrola group has transformed its business model to make it more sustainable, and directed its development to satisfying the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations to meet their own requirements. The company aims to continue spearheading this transformation by offering ever more competitive energy products, with the lowest possible environmental impact so it can guarantee its customers a reliable and quality supply.

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The sustainability scorecard is a tool for evaluating the group's sustainability performance by analysing its economic, environmental and social dimensions, and is used to determine which aspects require improvement throughout the group as a whole. The scorecard serves to measure the quality of the sustainable strategy pursued.

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The economic, environmental and social activity of companies is subject to scrutiny by a large number of specialised agencies. Analysis of this activity is very often reflected in the publication of specific indexes and reports on the subject.

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AENOR performs the Iberdrola's inventory of greenhouse gas emissions as per standard UNE ISO 14064-1:2012 as regards direct and indirect emissions from all of its activities.

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The Iberdrola group has a CO2 intensity emissions that stands out as among the lowest generated by utilities.

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As a part of its commitment to transparency towards its Stakeholders, Iberdrola is including additional information with respect to its nuclear portfolio.

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Quality in Iberdrola is the outstanding management of all processes and resources as an indispensable tool in the creation of value for people: shareholders, customers, employees, and the other Stakeholders of the company.

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Iberdrola group leads the transition to sustainable mobility through its Sustainable Mobility Plan — started up in 2016 — and thanks to the development of policies and concrete actions to 'mobilise' all the players involved: administration, companies, car manufacturers, etc.

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