What's the meaning of 'knowmad'?

'Knowmads', the business profile of the future is here

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In a constantly changing job market, exist a profile that is particularly good at adapting. These are knowledge nomads, otherwise known as knowmads. They are highly flexible, creative workers with a collaborative spirit. Also, they're passionate about their jobs and they have no boundaries.

'Knowmads' have no boundaries.
'Knowmads' have no boundaries.

John Moravec, lecturer and researcher at the University of Minnesota coined the term during a TED talk in 2013. So, exactly what is a knowmad? Why is this profile so important to companies? The emergence of these highly sought-after workers is linked to changes in the job market. In this dynamic atmosphere dominated by technological innovation, global operations and almost immediate access to a tremendous amount of data, companies need highly flexible, creative workers who are able to adapt.

TED talk by journalist Raquel Roca.

TED talk by journalist Raquel Roca

A kind of professional profile of the digital era

Information technology developments are behind a sort of Fourth Industrial Revolution, and companies and the job market are working to adapt to these innovations. Profiles that were traditionally in high demand are now less so, while technology specialists top the rankings of most sought-after employees year after year.

Tendencias del mercado laboral.
Job market trends.

  SEE INFOGRAPHICS: Job market trends [PDF]

The need to have quick, easy access to data means that companies in all sectors are turning to workers who can support more technically-oriented departments in analysing that data. Employees who, to some extent, had preciously been relegated to the academic world for decades, such as  mathematicians and statisticians now have opportunities in the job market once again.

The emergence of new types of business has also made consultative sales — as opposed to impersonal online sales — a pivotal asset for many companies. Thus, giving sales and consultancy profiles renewed value in the labour market, provided that they are capable of adapting to new technologies and marketing tools.

Knowledge management and the worker of the future

Knowmads are professionals grew up — from a career perspective — in the digital era and they have common characteristic associated with knowledge that, regardless of age, sector, or whether they are freelancers or company employees, give them the ability to transition smoothly between areas and projects without difficulty.

According to the experts, knowmads are made, but they are born, too: curious by nature, creative, open and sociable, they look upon all experiences — including mistakes — as a source of learning. Knowledge + Nomad: knowmads use their up-to-date knowledge in specific disciplines, and stand out by improving all the teams, projects and companies with which they interact.

Today, in this instantaneous, globalised and hyper-technological world, companies have to react quickly to market demands, which is why they are outsourcing more and more services. It is becoming increasingly common for companies to recruit external specialists for their teams as a way of keeping up with the latest developments. There stand out profiles with characteristics of the knowmads.

Features and skills of a real 'knowmad'

Regardless of sector or age, knowmads have a set of skills that are highly sought after by companies:

  They master the information, share it and know how to get the most relevant data out of each project.

  They can work in different settings and countries because for them there are no physical borders.

  They are digital native, so they uses technology when doing his job and know the latest trends.

  They are creative and innovative, allowing contribute solutions that are a plus for their companies.

  They are passionate about their jobs, they love what they do and it shows.

  They curious and restless. Is in continuous training and use to update between project and project.

  Flexibility and resilience are their main weapon, adapting to any situation. Also, tolerate failure and learn from it.

  They work in teams, gives great importance to contacts and has a great capacity to create networks (networking).

Connect and interpret, communicate, get something positive out of a mistake, work with any team and anywhere. Knowmads can do all this and more, and the knowledge nomads are here to stay.