Creating value for society

The activity of the Iberdrola group is a clear engine for wealth and economic and social development: it creates stable, quality employment and generates annually more than 31,100 million euros in the GDP of the countries in which it is present for every euro of profit it earns. Add to this positive economic impact of the tax contribution of the Group, which exceeded €14 billion(*) in 2019.

Social contribution. 20 years focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. February 2020.

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Leveraging on our leadership on sustainability and ESG...

...with full commitment on ethics, transparency and corporate governance, reinforced by the inclusion of Sustainable Development Goals in our bylaws


  • Total shareholder return +37%
  • 74% quorum in the Annual General Meeting with all proposed resolutions approved by 98% on average
  • Best utility in the world in Investor Relations award by IR Magazine
  • Premio al mejor sitio web de una utility para accionistas e inversores por el Institutional Investor Research Group
  • Second company in the IBEX35 with more women on the Board of Directors and third in percentage of independent directors
  • Corporate Governance Awards by World Finance
  • Corporate Governance Awards by Ethical Boardroom
  • World's Most Ethical Company Award by Ethisphere


  • 3,481 new hires in 2019 (aprox. 5.000 in 2020)
  • Aprox. 55 hours of training per employee
  • Supporting aprox. 900 students taking postgraduate education
  • Early Career Program
  • Strong track record of health and safety excellence
  • Work-life balance Initiatives
  • 99% of workforce with permanent contracts
  • Over 80% of workforce with variable remuneration linked to financial and ESG objectives
  • Included in Bloomberg Gender Equality Index


  • 110 gr CO2/kWh emissions, two-third less of our competitors in Europe
  • 10% improvement in service quality
  • EUR 20 bn in purchases1 from > 22,000 suppliers
  • Annual tax contribution of over EUR 14 bn
  • Aprox. EUR 280 M in RD&I: in the top 3 utilities worldwide
  • International Volunteer Program (7,500 participants)
  • Included in Bloomberg's "The Green 30 for 2020"
  • S&P Global Platts Energy Transition Award
  • Leadership and influence on Global Climate Policy recognition by InfluenceMap
  • AENOR Healthy Company Certificate

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We explain how our activities lead to the positive development of all communities in which we operate thanks to the company's so-called 'social dividend'.


We invest

to look ahead to the energy transition

We invest to look ahead to the energy transition

Iberdrola is in the midst of in a stage of sustainable growth in its main geographical and business areas to continue responding to the challenges of the energy transition, providing solutions that have shaped the company, such as the utility of the future after having anticipated the trends of the sector. The planned investments amount to €34 billion by 2022, €30 billion already under construction.

Outlook Update | Sustainability Report

We create value

for our shareholders

We create value for our shareholders

We provide an increasing remuneration for our almost 600,000 shareholders, which total return (TSR) in 2019 stood at 14%. Iberdrola also maintains a constructive, ongoing and effective dialogue with its shareholders so it is aware of their opinions and concerns and can encourage their involvement in the life of the company.


We generate employment

and encourage professional development

We generate employment and encourage professional development

In 2019, Iberdrola generated nearly 400,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs around the world. The commitment to the professional development of our more than 35,000 employees translates into 55 training hours per employee. It also includes the implementation of measures to favour employees' work-life balance, in which Iberdrola is a pioneer. The commitment to training and employability of our human team has been boosted by the creation of our Campus of San Agustín de Guadalix (Madrid).


We support

innovation and entrepreneurship

We support innovation and entrepreneurship

Innovation will continue to be an essential tool to keep Iberdrola at the forefront of the transformation of the sector, as reflected by our position as the most innovative Spanish utility and the third most innovative in the world. In 2019 we dedicated around €280 million to R&D activities, having increased our investment by 115% over the last 10 years.

Innovation | Sustainability Report

We take care of

the environment and we are committed to energy efficiency

We take care of the environment and we are committed to energy efficiency

Iberdrola established the environmental commitment to reduce the intensity of CO2 emissions by 2030 by 50% with respect to the specific emissions of 2007, and to be carbon neutral by 2050. According to the 2019 Dow Jones Sustainability Index the company is one of the 15 world's most sustainable electricity companies. It is also the only European electricity company to have been included in all 20 editions of the aforementioned index.

Environment | Energy efficiency

We are strengthening

our pull effect with suppliers

We are strengthening our pull effect with suppliers

We continue to have a pull effect on our more than 22,000 suppliers, with purchase contracts that amounted to €20 billion in 2019*. In addition, Iberdrola implements a responsible supply chain management policy, sharing best practices for sustainability with all its trading partners.


Footnote: * Including energy raw materials.

We offer

products adapted to the needs of our customers

We offer products adapted to the needs of our customers

Commitment to our customers, the more than 100 million people we supply with energy around the world, is evident in the safe, high-quality supply that we offer through increasingly efficient equipment and technologies, together with the best and most innovative energy solutions that we put at their disposal, driven by the intense digital transformation of the company.

Sustainability Report

We are committed

to society, training and research

We are committed to society, training and research

Throughout 2019, the foundations of the Iberdrola group have continued to develop programs in the fields of training and research, conservation of biodiversity, promotion of art and culture, and cooperation. The contribution of the company to the goal of quality education materialized in 2019 through the investment of 8.8 million euros in training and master's and doctoral scholarships at universities in Spain and abroad.


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(*) Nota Including Iberdrola's own taxes and collected taxes.

1 Nota Including energy raw materials.