Climate Reality Project Awards 2018

Iberdrola, awarded at the Climate Reality Awards 2018

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Our company has been recognised for its work in the fight against climate change in the Climate Reality Awards 2018, the first edition of these awards in Spain. These awards are intended to put the fight against climate change on the front page of the social and political agenda.

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The foundations of the fight against climate change in the Iberdrola group.

The Climate Reality Project

This initiative was created in 2006 by Al Gore, the Nobel Laureate and former Vice President of the United States to highlight the risks of climate change and the need to adopt emergency measures to reduce the consequences of global warming.

The Climate Reality Project currently has more than 15,000 climate leaders worldwide — more than 230 in Spain —, and works under the premise that the current generation is the only one with sufficient tools to reverse climate change and the last to have the opportunity to stop it.

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Climate Reality Awards 2018

Madrid was the chosen setting for the delivery of the Climate Reality Project Awards last 7 November. The journalist and president of the Spanish Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Manuel Campo Vidal, acted as master of ceremonies at the event, which was attended by nearly 400 people. During the event the documentary Guardians of the Planet was shown.

Iberdrola was recognised by the jury as the company that has done the most in the last year to fight against climate change.

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Iberdrola and the fight against climate change

The Iberdrola group is today a clear world leader in the fight against climate change. Active participants in the different Climate Summits, we have incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the UN in September 2015 into our business strategy and our General Sustainable Development Policy.

Totally aligned with the historic Paris Agreement, the company has set itself the following environmental objectives:

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Our commitment is to a sustainable, safe and competitive business model that replaces polluting sources of energy with clean energies and intensifies the necessary decarbonisation and electrification of the world economy has lead us to champion the energy transition thanks to an ambitious strategic plan that will see investments of €47 billion between 2022 and 2025, towards the electrification of the economy, innovation and technological advances and better consumer connectivity.

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