Iberdrola increases its net profit by 8.4 % at the close of the First Half 2021 to 1,844 million euros

Record investments of €4.909 billion (+37 %) drive the group's net profit in the First Half 2021. EBITDA has also grown by 10.2 % to reach €5.444 billion (this would be 15 % excluding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the exchange rate factors). Furthermore, over the last 12 months 3,000 renewable MW have entered into operation and the company has more than 8,500 MW under construction, thereby contributing to the consolidation of an unprecedented expansion strategy in both activities and in markets such as Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. After increasing the dividend charged to 2020 by 5.5 % to take the gross per share price up to 0.422 euros, the group has reaffirmed its plan to distribute 0.44 euros/share charged to 2021. All of this places Iberdrola in a unique position to continue growing over the next decade thanks to an investment plan of 75 billion in 2020-2025 and 150 billion in 2020-2030, 90 % of which is aligned with EU taxonomy.

 Infographic First Half 2021 Results [PDF]

 First Half 2021 Results Presentation [PDF]

 First Half 2021 Results Report [PDF]

First Half 2021 Results Presentation. Highlights of the period.



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H1 2021 adjusted net profit up 8 % to EUR 1,844 M

  • Reported EBITDA grows 10 % to EUR 5,444 M (+15 % excluding COVID and fx impact)
  • Gross investments of EUR 4,909 M (+37 %)
  • ~3,000 MW of Renewables installed in the last 12 months with more than 8,500 MW under construction
  • New growth platforms in core countries and new markets
  • Improved financial strength
  • Annual General Meeting: 65.8 % quorum in with 97.6 % average favorable vote

5.5 % increase in annual shareholder remuneration to EUR 0.422 per share

Extracted from the Results Presentation First Half 2021 (PPT) / IBERDROLA.


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