Iberdrola posts ordinary net profit of €968 million up to March, an increase of 5.3%, thanks to record investments of nearly €10 billion since the beginning of 2019

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Results Presentation
First Quarter 2020
Highlights of the Period
Adjusted Net Profit grows 5.3% reaching
EUR 968 M
EBITDA totals EUR 2,751 M, up 5.8%
Gross Investment increases by 24.2%, up to EUR 1,729 M
Ongoing improvement in operational efficiency
Maintaining financial strength
Non-recurrent results with an impact of
EUR 289 M
on Reported Net Profit: Divestment of Siemens-Gamesa and UK government decision to maintain corporate tax rate at 19%
Shareholder remuneration
Approval by the Board of
Directors of the execution of a
new "Iberdrola Retribución Flexible"
Supplementary dividend of
EUR 0.232 per share
To reach an annual remuneration of
EUR 0.40 per share
Reaching 2022 floor three years
in advance
Extracted from the Results Presentation, First Quarter 2020 (PPT) by the company.
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