Iberdrola increases its net profit by 12.2% during the First Half of the year to 1,845 million euros

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Results Presentation
First Half 2020
Highlights of the period
A resilient business model: increasing results even in
the current scenario
Adjusted Net Profit grows 7.5%
and Reported Net Profit rises
12%, to EUR 1,845 M
Adjusted EBITDA1 grows by 4.2% to

EUR 5,075 M and Reported EBITDA reaches EUR 4,918 M
Ongoing improvement in operational efficiency
Gross Investment
reaches EUR 3,582 M (+2.3%),
maintaining financial strength
Looking into the future: Greenfield M&A and increasing pipeline
Leaders in ESG investment,

after 20 years implementing our model
Non-recurrent results: impacts from
COVID Pandemic, divestments and
UK government decision to maintain
corporate tax rate
at 19%
Shareholder remuneration
"Iberdrola Retribución Flexible"
program in execution
Supplementary dividend of
to be paid on 4th August
EUR 0,232 per share

(or a new share for 44 rights)

To reach an annual shareholder
EUR 0.40 per share

Share buy-back to maintain the number of shares at
6,240 M

Extracted from the Results Presentation, First Half 2020 (PPT) by the company.
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