Iberdrola obtains an ordinary net profit of €1.368 billion in the first half of 2018, an increase of 27%

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Infographic 2018 H1 Results.#RRSSInfographic 2018 H1 Results.

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Operating Net Profit1 grows 27% and Reported Net Profit reaches EUR 1,410 M

Net Investments reach to EUR 2,478 M with EUR 20 Bn in the last 5 years

Operational Efficiency speeding up: Net Operating Expenses to Gross Margin ratio improves 100 basis points to 27.5% (vs 1H 2017)2

EBITDA totals EUR 4,436 M, (+17%) and grows in all businesses

Avangrid3: Adjusted Net Profit reaches USD 371 M. Increase in quarterly dividend to $0.44/share (vs. $0.432) starting in 3Q

Neoenergia4: EBITDA grows 43% to R$ 2,159 M. Net Profit reaches R$ 671 M, +144%

During the first half, total new financing and credit lines raised reached EUR 11.8 Bn


Bonds (€, $, R$), EIB, Hybrid... EUR 4.45 Bn

EUR 5.3 Bn 

USD 2.5 Bn Credit Lines

23% of our current total debt portfolio5 is green and 75% of credit lines are linked to environmental factors


12017 excludes positive one off impacts of Gamesa merger and portfolio price revision in Gas Spain.

2Excluding positive non-operating portfolio price revision in Gas Spain in 2017.

3American subsidiary that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and of which Iberdrola controls 81.5%.

4Brazilian subsidiary of which Iberdrola owns 52.45%.

5Including hybrids.


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