• What is Balance sheet?

    Financial statement that expresses the financial position of a company.
    Spanish: Balance
  • What is Biodiversity?

    Term given to the wide variety of life on Earth and the natural patterns it forms, the fruit of billions of years of evolution, shaped by natural processes and, increasingly, by the influence of humans. Biodiversity also includes the variety of ecosystems and the genetic differences within each species (genetic diversity) that allow for a combination of multiple life forms, and the interactions of which with the rest of the environment are the basis for sustaining life in the world.
    Spanish: Biodiversidad
  • What is Biomass?

    The mass of living organisms of an ecosystem, whether natural, residual, made up of ad hoc crops or organic matter organised within a biological process, nitrogen, hydrogen sulphide and water vapour, which is produced during the anaerobic digestion of organic material.
    Spanish: Biomasa
  • What is Biosphere?

    Part of the Earth system that comprises all ecosystems and living organisms in the atmosphere, on land (terrestrial biosphere) and in the oceans (marine biosphere), including derivative dead organic matter (such as trash, soil organic matter and ocean waste).

    Spanish: Biosfera
  • What is Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index?

    Stock index that includes companies that stand out for their performance in gender equality through the implementation of corporate policies for this purpose. IBERDROLA has been selected in the ranking of the index, in recognition of its equal opportunity and gender policies. See "Board of Directors Diversity and Member Selection Policy" and "Equal Opportunity and Reconciliation Policy".

    Spanish: Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index
  • What is Board of Directors?

    Collective corporate decision-making body, made up of the directors appointed or ratified by the shareholders at a general shareholders' meeting, vested with the power to represent the company.

    IBERDROLA's Board of Directors focuses its activity on establishing the general management policies, strategies, and guidelines for the Group, supervising the general development of such strategies and guidelines, and deciding matters of strategic significance.
    Spanish: Consejo de Administración
  • What is Bond?

    Fixed-income negotiable security, similar to debentures but with shorter periods to maturity (in general, from 3 to 5 years). See "Debenture".
    Spanish: Bono
  • What is Brundtland Commission?

    World Commission on Environment and Development, named after its chair Gro Harlem Brundtland, a former prime minister of Norway. The results of its works were published in 1987 under the title "Our Common Future" and is one of the leading reference texts on sustainable development.
    Spanish: Comisión Brundtland
  • What is Business Model?

    Design of the business organisation to achieve its strategic objectives. The IBERDROLA group's business model entails the global integration of the businesses, is focused on maximising the operational efficiency of the various business units, and ensures the dissemination, implementation and monitoring of the overall strategy and the basic management guidelines established for each business, primarily through the exchange of best practices among the various companies of the Group and without detracting from independence in decision-making by each of them.
    Spanish: Modelo de negocio
  • What are By-Laws?

    Rules approved by the shareholders governing the operation of a company, the relationships between the company and its shareholders, the relationships among shareholders themselves, and the manner in which it must act with respect to third parties. 

    The By-Laws of IBERDROLA contain the definition of its enterprise, the particular concept of corporate interest that must govern the conduct of its management decision-making bodies, the commitment to the social dividend and to its purpose and values, and the determination of the essential basis and of the most significant foundations and aspects of its business, corporate and institutional organisation, which make up its virtual soul.

    Spanish: Estatutos Sociales
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