At the centre of our strategy

We are developing a responsible and sustainable business model, which focuses on the wellbeing of people, the protection of the environment and the economic and social progress in the communities in which the company operates.

The Iberdrola group is striving to become the utility of the future through a strategy based on a firm commitment to clean power, smart grids and the development of customer-tailored solutions.

Stakeholders are squarely in the centre of this global strategy from a two-fold perspective:

Iberdrola has eight priority Stakeholder categories:


Behind them are millions of people, and thousands of institutions, organisations and groups. All of them, with their decisions and opinions, influence the company and are also affected by our activities.

In addition, these Stakeholders interact with each other, creating a universe of relationships that Iberdrola needs to manage to achieve a better understanding of the environment where the company operates for more sustainable performance in our activities.

 Download the Iberdrola universe of relationships [PDF]


Iberdrola universe of relationships.#RRSSIberdrola universe of relationships.

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